Simploring 2019 (85) Lost Lagoon

For my simploring on Saturday, July 13th, I selected Lost Lagoon from SL Destinations. Lost Lagoon is a moderate homestead designed, built and owned by Jana and Mark Knight (jana guyot and knight676). According to the landmark description it is “a lost place in the South Seas. Witnesses of bygone days and paradise for those who seek solitude and nature.” Jana and Mark added the tags “South Sea, Animals, Jungle, Sea, Pirates, Castle, Palm Trees, Cuddle, Hangout and Photo“.

Lost Lagoon – overview

The landing point is close to a residential home. From here you can see a lighthouse, another hut, two bridges and far away a castle on a mountain. The loading of the textures might take some time. The sim is quite full and almost all available prims are used.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (1) – around the landing point

I first visited the residential home. It is fully furnished, has a nice terrace and some places to sit and watch. Although it is public I refrained from looking at it too thoroughly. I crossed a bridge and explored the submarine island. I first thought that there’s a hill on the little island, but the hill is a submarine, that is used for living now. The inside of the submarine is furnished, every corner is used. In front ot the entrance is a bench that was built from a former torpedo, the best use for a torpedo! For me the atmosphere on the submarine island was a bit how I would imagine an island in the South Sea.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (2) – the submarine island

I visited the lighthouse next. With the magic of Second Life you can sit on a chair on the top of the lighthouse and have a view over the island, but you can’t walk up the lighthouse. I returned to the landing point, had a look at a decking with more opportunities to sit and watch and crossed the next bridge to another small island with a hut and wild animals close by – tigers, lions and hippos. Together with a plane wreck you can take outstanding pictures here and make your own story around the motive.
This island is connected to another small island that is occupied by a herd of elefants. Lions, tigers, hippos and elefants are animals I would expect in Africa first of all. It is fun though to pose with the animals and to take pictures. The elefant island is connected with another bridge to the main island. I visited another hut and a shed named “Shakespeare’s place.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (3) – the plane wreck and elefant island

From Shakespear’s place I crossed the river and went into the jungle. I found another hut there, a great place to retreat and enjoy the nature, but I got lost first and had to return until I found the stairs that lead up to the monutain. On the ridge is a Chapel and the Castello of Lost Lagoon. A German and an Austrian flag are set. Mark Knight (knight676) is from Austria, hence I assume that Jana is from Germany. The old canons around the castle witness that the castello had a function in former times. Inside of the castello is a nice wine storage and tasting and a nice living room, outside you can use another great spot to sit and enjoy.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (4) – Shakespeare’s place and jungle hut

I carefully walked down the mountain and explored the quite open and green plaines below of the castello.There’s a Buddha statue, again a nice spot to cuddle close to the ruins of a chapel (I named this place “under the bell”), a Moai statue (that fits perfectly to South sea) and another hut called Gaugin’s place.

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (5) – Chapel and Castello

I ended my visit to Lost Lagoon with a walk to the ruins of a cathedral, a quite romantic place with a piano.
Lost Lagoon is a varied island, a place that offers a lot for explorers and photographers. I spent far over 2 hours at Lost Lagoon and I’m sure that I haven’t yet discovered all of it. Second Life is a place where you can build your own little fantasy world and therefore it mustn’t be realistic always, not everything has to fit together – we have that in RL already *winks*

Impressions of Lost Lagoon (6) – Buddha statue, Cathedral ruins, under the bell, Gaugin’s place

Thank you Jana and Mark Knight (jana guyot and knight676) for creating Lost Lagoon and in particular for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Lost Lagoon
Flickr group

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