Diary 2019 (112) July 27th Submitted (II)

I was surprised meeting Mistress Jenny when I got inworld Saturday afternoon, July 27th. Mistress did returned home quite early. She went to her throne where I had to tell her my news about the last two days in RL and SL. Before Mistress told me about her time, she made me strip and wear the heavy shackles. And after she had finished she asked me if I wanted my fix. Of course, I did want my fix, I needed it badly. The price this time was wearing the shackles.

July 27th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at home

After spoling Mistress and satisfying my addiction, Mistress fucked me hard with her strapon. But that wasn’t all … she asked me to wear a catsuit, then she brought me to the wall with the hooks and fixed me there. I was not prepared to what followed. Mistress towered over me, her crotch was within my grasp but the chains were way too short and tight. She fingered herself lustfully to another orgasm and all I could do was watching her. I had to be happy that I was allowed to clean her gloves with my tongue afterwards. What a mean tease, what a demonstration of control and power *sighs*. Mistress released me from the wall, unlocked the shackles and allowed me to dress, then we talked again. I admit that my emotions ran wild. I feel fully submitted to Mistress Jenny.

Mistress left me leashed to her throne when she had to leave.

At night slave Flo we met slave Flo at home. She had updated her RR harness and had further improved her outfit. Now it is an all plastic outfit. Mistress clearly had fun and enjoyed her position. She ordered me to make sure that slave Flo is kept severly restricted for a month. If I fail, she would tie me up even heavier restricted *sighs*. She called slave Flo “slave 2” and it was very clear who “slave 1” would be. Mistress Jenny summoned slave Kathryn to us and we made a tour through the clubs … Mesmerize Dungeon, Psi’s realm and Heavy Bondage Club.

July 27th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita with slave Flo and slave Kathryn at Mesmerize Dungeon, Psi’s realm and Heavy Bondage Club (with another bystanding random stray slave)

After slave Kathryn and later slave Flo had left, Mistress Jenny stayed a while longer at Heavy Bondage Club with me. Mistress Jenny leashed me again and I knelt at her side. I was still in an emotional turmoil. It was already time to leave and we returned home. Usually we say good night laying on a rug at our skybox. This night, Mistress choose another place and another pose for saying good night – me kneeling at her side. This picture will come up, when I log in Sunday.

July 27th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and saying good night at home

This red light is going to leave Deep marks.

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