Simploring 2019 (86) The Promise

For my short simploring tour on Friday, July 20th, I picked “The Promise” from SL Destinations. The Promise is an adult homestead owned by MTA Zamani and nona Orfan. The landmark description provides a short background “After long war the crystal island become a dark demon one”. The sim is tagged with: photo, photograph, adult, BDSM , Cave and Castle.

The Promise – an overview

At the landing point I saw a board providing the landmark to Angel of pain’s BDSM Island, which is a “partner sim” of The Promise. Angel of pain’s BDSM Island is a place that I visit every once in a while, in particular when I am enjoying a green light.

Impressions of The Promise (1) – the ship (upper left) / the castle (upper right) / the graveyard (lower left) / view from the castle (lower right)

Back to The Promise. I went to the castle first. It is not only dark and frightening from ouside but also from inside. Many statues in clear sexual poses are used to liven up the place even when none is around. At the time of my visit there were about 10 other people present. The Promise seems to be well attended and is for sure home for many with a kink for demons. The furniture and decorations, the bdsm gear and the texts and sayings at the walls provide a particular atmosphere. The dark castle is most likely not a place for the faint hearted – but a great place for extraordinairy pictures.

Impressions of The Promise (2) – inside pf the castle

I continued my tour and visited the cave where I was welcomed by a huge spider, I visited the graveyard and the big ship in the harbour and I made a boat tour in the bay and watched the flamingos, the swans, pigeons and a mermaid. I walked up the single tower, that looks like a lighthouse. At it’s base is a huge sphere, that looks like a planet and on the top level is a planetarium.

Impressions of The Promise (3) – boat tour (upper left) / the tower (upper right) / the Planetarium (lower left) / in the cavev (lower right)

I also roamed around the island with it’s many vulcanos, with all the chrystals and ritual spots. I’m not very familiar with demons hence I can’t tell about the meaning of these places. What I can tell is that they radiate some magic, that they provide perfect backgrounds for pictures with a scary touch, in particular when you play with the windlight settings.

More impressions of The Promise

Thank you MTA Zamani and nona Orfan for sharing The Promise with the public. I enjoyed exploring and taking pictures.

Landmark to The Promise

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