Simploring 2019 (90) Alternate Reality

For my simploring tour on Friday, August 9th, I selected Alternate Reality from SL Destinations. Alternate Reality is a moderate homestead owned by T (thisismyaltsalt). That is a funny name and it tempts to speculate who might be behind it.

Alternate Reality – overview

Upon landing you’ll get a message by a group inviter: “Welcome to Alternate Reality. We hope you enjoy your visit and everything the sim has to offer. Should you need any assistance here or have any issues please contact Thisismyaltsalt for help and I’ll get back to as soon as I can. Have an Awesome Day!
You have to join the group in order to visit the sim, joining is for free though.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (1) – around the landing point and the fishing hut

Alternate Reality is an island with a vegetation that seems to be a mixture between an island on the Northern hemisphere and a Caribbean island with palms. At least you see beach grass and different kinds of palm trees growing close to each other. According to the few buildings I would categorize Alternate Reality as an island somewhere on the Northern hemisphere.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (2) – private residential house and enjoying some time on the yacht

The landing is close to a water tower and a small fishing hut. From there I began exploring the island. It is quite inviting for taking pictures and there’re many opportunities to sit at the beach. You can also “sit” on the yacht that anchors at the shore of Alternate Reality.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (3) – at the beach

Alternate Reality offers a nice bar with a really outstanding old bar keeper and nice decorations. I tried the posing at the pinball, my first picture playing pinball *winks*. Next to the bar is an event decking with a dj’s desk.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (4) – at and around the bar

There are many more places you can visit to sit or to pose for a picture, like the beach rentals or the little snack bar by the beach or at the campfire. Just the area around the only residential home, quite in the center of the island, is set to private and protected from entering.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (5) – at the beach, the beach rental and at the campfire

I like the name “Alternate Reality” as it really fits to Second Life in general. And I enjoyed spending a lovely hour in the afternoon taking a short vacation in this alternate reality. Thank you, T (thisismyaltsalt), for sharing your sim with the public. I had fun visiting.
Landmark to Alternate Reality

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