Simploring 2019 (104) Fox Road

I cam across Fox Road looking up a place for a simploring tour at SL Destinations. The landmark description is inviting “Fox Road was designed with love, for pleasure from rough nature. All are welcomed to hangout, explore, or spend time here.

Fox Road – overview

Fox Road is a moderate homestead owned by lu (Vertiline Colter). It consists of two parts that are connected by a wooden bridge. The smaller part is a piece of land at the foot of mountains. It is used as a showroom for lu’s store Little Fox, that provides female apparel. The main part, where you also land, is and island and it is dedicated just to pleasure. It is coined by a rough nature. There are some huts. On a high plateau is a former event or fair place, that looks as if it was abandoned long ago.

Impressions of Fox Road (1)

A former greenhouse is now a cosy place full of decorations and plants. There are more places at Fox Road just to chill and enjoy. At the water tower is a tent with a bed and instead of a beach you can sit on a wooden deck overlooking the sea.

Impressions of Fox Road (2) – the Showroom, the old fairy place and in the greenhouse

What might keep in my memory are 2 groups of 3 chairs. They are placed twice on the highplateau and standing there in the rough environment almost out of the blue makes them kind of art.

Impressions of Fox Road (3)

Fox Road is a place to chill, a place to enjoy a quite natural environment. Nothing there is overdesigned, it’s rural and simple (except of the chairs of course). I enjoyed my visit and exploring it. I always appreciate when business is combined with an extra. Thank you very much lu (Vertiline Colter) for sharing your place with the public. I had a good time.

Landmark to Fox Road
Little Fox on SL Marketplace

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