Diary 2019 (168) October 26th – 28th A few days of relative freedom for the slaves (I)

I went on a simploring tour Saturday, Ocotber 26th, after lunch. When I returned home and had just changed, Mistress Jenny came inworld. She was wearing a black leather outfit that looked simply stunning together with her coloured hair that she kept from the clown outfit the night before. A really intriguing look. We went to Heavy Bondage Club where we caught up with our mutual news.
For our wedding anniversary Jenny and I both wore our slave collars. While I had exchanged Mistress Jenny’s slave collar with her normal collar the day before, I was still wearing my Ehesklavin collar for a good reason as I was going to learn that afternoon.

October 26th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at home

My 12th year married to Mistress Jenny began with a shocking bang for me. Mistress broke a new rule to me. I will not go into details here, but the new rule refers to our skybox. It fully establishes Mistress’ position any time (and my position as her slave). Just in the annex, that I used for green lights only before, I will be free to do what I want. This way, I will be able to furtheron lead the family and to guide and dominate the slaves but once Mistress or I retreat to the skybox I will be Mistress’ slave wife. Mistress said “any time I see you make a mistake and forget the rule then I will make sure you suffer things that you do not like … I know the real things that you don’t like now”. And she added that the new rule is not restricted to red lights but is valid always until Mistress relaxes it and it is not something she will barter. There was no room left for any discussion.
We returned home and to our skybox and Mistress allowed me to get my fix licking her. I can tell that pushing me deep into subspace and establishing the new rule had an exciting effect on Mistress…
What a start into my 12th year!

Saturday night we had an all family night. First just slave Gwendi and slave Flo were present when Mistress Jenny and I came back inworld. Later slave Christin and slave slut cecy also joined us. We had in mind just to stay half an hour at Mesmerize Dungeon and to go to our patio afterwards but taking slave slut cecy there took a while due to an old relay that didn’t allow teleporting. Mistress Jenny finally had slave slut remove that old relay and replaced it with a newer one.

October 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita a Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo, slave Gwendi, slave Christin and slave cecy – Luci, Ann and LaraSofie joined us for a short while

We had fun at Mesmerize Dungeon and might have entertained the club again with our chatting. Luci (Luci Glendale) and Ann with LaraSofie at her leash joined us for a while. We decided to postpone time at our patio to Sunday and stayed a bit longer. Mistress had an early start the next day and although it was day where we changed the clock 1 hour back in Europe during the night we returned home before midnight.

Sunday, October 27th, I went again on a simploring tour in the early afternoon. I had fun visiting another lovely sim, that was glowing in the colours of Autumn. And at night? Nothing! We hadn’t had this for many years but the SL grid was unaccessible for all of us that night – and accordingly there’s nothing to report here.

Monday, October 28th, I met Mistress Jenny at night and we caught up about the last 2 days. The new rule that Mistress has enacted has a very strong effect on me.
slave Gwendi was present and we went to see her. Today was “the day” – we had promised that the slaves may spend 4 days of relative freedom, with no restrictions and free to dress as they like, even waring wigs over their short hair. Of course the collar stayed on as well as wrist cuffs. I began to unlock slave Gwendi step by step and she selected something to wear herself afterwards, a dress.

October 28th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave Gwendi and slave Christin

slave Christin joined us when slave Gwendi had dressed and I unlocked her gear as well and lifted most of her restrictions. slave Christin also decided to wear a dress. We allowed the slaves to select a club to go to and they choose to go to Mesmerize Dungeon, where we spent the night. Unfortunately slave Flo was not inworld that night and missed the first of the 4 days.

October 28th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwendi and slave Christin – what a change!

Mistress and I retreated to our skybox and we had some time for ourselves. Thank you Mistress Jenny!

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