Simploring 2019 (110) Rocks by Cica Ghost

Yesterday I got an invitation by Cica to visit her newest installation “Rocks by Cica Ghost“, that opened November 3rd. And I went there right away late at night.

Impressions of “Rocks by Cica Ghost” (1)

This time Cica Ghost art is presented by Sim Quarterly, a sim and initiative of Electric Monday:
Art and the virtual world, Second Life© are very similar —you are able to both find yourself and immerse yourself (and maybe even lose yourself) in something totally unlike what you already know. The experiences you gain help you grow and form new opinions about the world. That is what I hope this sim can provide over time. I am very excited to bring to you a quarterly art project by way of The Sim Quarterly.
The project features one creator every 3 months (every quarter) as an artist in residence. The purpose of the sim is so that residents can experience something new and even create a community.
Learn more about Sim Quarterly at their website.

Impressions of “Rocks by Cica Ghost” (2)

Rocks by Cica Ghost” is an island with … rocks! All is grey tones, the windlight submerges the island in turquoise, the clouds glow in orange. All rocks are painted and thus Cica’s rocks become a world of it’s own. I recognized a lot of Cica’s themes be it cats or snails. You see “Cica-ish” flowers, trees and houses on the rocks. There are no ohter plants than those painted on the rocks, no green grass, just rocks and some groups of naked floral stems. The girl from “Frogs” (read simploring 2017 (9) Frogs by Cica Ghost) has a reappearance and you find her painting the rocks.

Impressions of “Rocks by Cica Ghost” (3)

As usual humans become dwarfs in Cica’s worlds. The rocks are huge and so are the painted animals, houses, and flowers. It is fun to immerge yourself into “Rocks by Cica Ghost“. It warmed my heart seeing all the funny and peaceful animals and to recognize Cica’s humor at every corner. If you hoover your mouse over some of the rocks you can dance in front of some rocks or sit on others. This adds to fun and it is what “Rocks by Cica Ghost” is intended for – getting out from every day life (even in SL), dance, laugh and have fun!

Impressions of “Rocks by Cica Ghost” (4)

Thank you Cica for another great installation and thank you Electric Monday for your initiave and for hosting “Rocks by Cica Ghost“. I do look forward to visit Sim Quarterly and it’s art projects again.

Landmark to Rocks by Cica Ghost
Sim Quarterly website
Sim Quarterly flickr page

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