Simploring 2019 (115) CANN!BAL

My simploring tour on Saturday, October 19th, led me to “Cannibal Island – SL’s most beautiful beach paradise!”. I got the landmark from Kitty who herself got it from a close common friend. The landmark led to a platform in the skies with 4 different teleport options.

CANN!BAL – the landing platform

CANN!BAL is a full region, rated general owned by Chotaire Seelowe. Sometimes it is named CANN!BAL and at other times Cannibal. CANN!BAL consists of 4 different worlds:
– Cannibal Island is a beach that exists since 2007
– Cannibia exists since 2017 and is a photogenic beach
– The Oasis from 2019 awaits you in an endless desert
– Sky Paradise is a virtual beach region available for rent
I visited Cannibal Island, Cannibia and The Oasis.

Impressions of Cannibal Island (1) overview / helicopter fun / relaxing

My first stop was Cannibal Island. It is a lovely Caribbean island setting that offers a lot of activities as well as innumerous places to sit and watch. If you look for a Caribbean setting, that is the right place to go. You can rent the huts that are arranged like satellites around the center if you want to spent a vacation here.
In Chotaire’s profile I found the following texts about the activities at Cannibal Island:
If you ever get bored from watching, then play funny helicopter games and shoot each other off the sky with coconuts, go surfing the Cann!bal Tsunami wave, dance in the Cann!bal Club with a unique high quality lightshow, find rare coconuts for free lindens, play beach soccer, roam the estate with our yachts. The incredible beauty of the always different windlight daycycles and local weather situations will blow you away. Beware of the tornadoes.”

Impressions of Cannibal Island (2) – exploring by boat

I myself tried the helicopter and I roamed the islands with a motorboat, that you can rent fro free.

My next stop was Cannibia, the photogenic beach region. Unlike Cannibal island, this place is left at a pretty much natural state with no houses and huts at all. It is really perfect for taking pictures.

Impressions of Cannibia

Finally I went to The Oasis, the newest part of CANN!BAL. I’ve been to several deserts in Second Life already and was intrigued once again. The endless sand desert offers really unique background. The Oasis offers also some funny oddities like the lion fucking the goat.

A trip to the desert – Impressions of The Oasis (1)

I had fun looking at the animals and taking pictures of the desert and the few buildings. Close to the landing at The Oasis is at swimming pool, a bar and a place to relax in luxury.

A trip to the desert – Impressions of The Oasis (2)

For these seeking to escape from Autumn, rain and cold temperature into the sun and warmth of a Caribbean islands, those who have fun playing and those simply seeking good beach or desert backgrounds should not miss seeing CANN!BAL. Thank you Chotaire for creating CANN!BAL and making it an outstanding place.

Landmark to CANN!BAL

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