Simploring 2019 (128) .:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland

For my simploring tour on Sunday, December 1st, I picked “.:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland” from SL Destinations.
.:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland, furtheron also shorter just Winterland, is an adult homestead owned by Phil Conners (philconners) and OdetteBK and it is their private home.

.:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland – overview

The landing point at Winterland is a bar waggon of an old train at Mt. Conners Station – although there’s no station. When you step out of the waggon you are in a Winter wonderland. Polar bears, deers and other animals liven up the white world.

Impressions of .:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland (1) – around the landing point

Winterland is an island embedded in a fitting sim surround. It offers a lot of nice places to cuddle and watch. There’re games and places to dance. In the center is a large cage with a huge Christmas tree inside. On my simploring tour I saw a place for the Thanksgiving dinner, I came across an ice scating area, I saw a carousel and a frozen waterfall. The castle right next to the landing point is not really accessible and not furnished. The large and the small gazebo are particular romantic for dancing or for enjyoing togetherness.

Impressions of .:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland (2) – the Christmas tree in the Cage / small ice Skating / Thanksgiving dinner / the carousel

Winterland is not overdone. It’s playful and peaceful and there’re some nice spots to simply enjoy or to have fun. The private residence of Phil and Odette is seperated from the public part of the sim by some hills and you don’t see it if you don’t zoom out. It goes without saying that you should respect the privacy.

Impressions of .:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland (3) – ice Skating area, the small and the large gazebo / the frozen waterfall

For photographers the train with the steam engine is a great background but there’re more spots for taking pictures. If you seek a smaller, more private and not overcrowded place, Winterland is the place for you to visit. I enjoyed my visit to .:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland. Thank you Phil Conners (philconners) and OdetteBK for sharing most of your sim with the public.

Landmark to .:Mt. Conners Station:.Winterland

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