Simploring 2019 (130) Aradia

Inspired by some pictures I saw at SL Destinations I picked “Aradia” for my simploring tour on Thursday, November 21st. Aradia is a moderate homestead owned by Drakonia Aradia (ladyonia).

Aradia – overview

The landmark description is quite romantic:

Open up your wings, and fly
to me, you better watch the
currents, open up your heart
and come to me, theres
a river,theres a steam and plenty
of air to breath. Open up your
mind, and take hold of me,
ill be the bed that you lay on,
and the food you eat

At least the first line is from a song from Mariah Carey called “Butterfly”. And there are butterflies in Aradia, butterflies that carry laterns.
At the landing point you are welcomed by a parakeet, who talks permanently wishing you a good visit and inviting you to explore the place – which I did. Aradia consists of 10 islands (if I counted right). The islands are mostly flat and green with some single trees. The landing is on the largest island, which consists of a flat part and, opposed to the others islands, also of a large rock with a green high plateau. On the high plateau is a quite large round house and a chapel overlooking Aradia. On this island you find also a beach.

Impressions of Aradia (1) around the landing point, the beach, one of the latern butterflies, the round house

Aradia offers quite some places to relax, to enjoy some nature or peace or to chill with friends. You will come across many birds, there’re deers, squirrels, sheep, peacocks and other animals who liven up the scenery.

Impressions of Aradia (2)

Quite outstanding is a big stony hand. You can make yourself comfy in the palm and take a rest. On the center island you find a large open air dance area under trees.

Impressions of Aradia (3) One of several gazebos, the palm rest, and the dance area under trees

The village consists of a few houses, which are for rent. They are partly furnished and all arranged around a center fountain. And they look just cute. It is a world of it’s own, friendly and peaceful and to some extent pure fantasy – like the butterflies carrying laterns.

Impressions of Aradia (4) the village

I ended my exploring tour on the island with the stonehedge circle of stones. Sheeps are running around on this island and admist the stones is a harp (of course I tried it out). From there I returned to the landing point.

Impressions of Aradia (5)

Aradia is a picturesque peaceful fantasy. The houses look a bit like from a Walt Disney movie for me, simply cute. The whole atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful. Aradia is a nice place to chill or to meet with a friend or loved one. Thank you Drakonia Aradia (ladyonia) for providing your sim to the public.

P.S.: Aradia has changed now – it’s Winter 🙂

Landmark to Aradia
Flickr group for Aradia

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  1. ladyonia
    Dec 30, 2019 @ 12:50:32

    Beautiful explained , and i love how you explored whole region .Creative and well done ,thank you for this 🙂


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