Simploring 2020 (3) Soul of Dreams

For my simploring tour on Monday, January 30th, I picked Soul of Dreams from SL Destinations. Soul of Dreams is a moderate homestead owned by Xana Ligati (xana newall). Xana is the blog manager of GOOSE – Home & Garden.
The sim was designed by Busta (badboyhi).

Soul of Dreams – overview

Soul of Dreams consists of three islands, one main island and 2 smaller islands. They are connected by bridges. The landing is close to the brigde to one of the smaller islands, with is occupied by a huge lighthouse. I first had a look around at the landing point. Some seals and birds are there and the spot already offers nice opportunites to take pictures. The sim is surrounded by snow covered mountains, Soul of Dreams is covered with less snow.

Impressions of Soul of Dreams (1) – around the landing point

I first went to the lighthouse. Inside 2 coal ovens heat the house with is empty otherwise. You can climb up to the top of the tower from where you have a great view of Soul of Dreams.

Impressions of Soul of Dreams (2) – the lighthouse

Back on the main island I went to the residential house there. It is fully furnished, well, a bit messy but it looks quite inviting nonetheless. Everything is placed and designed with great love for details inside and outsode of the house. Together with the tall bald trees and the snow the place is really picturesque. Close by you’ll find a small zip line that I tried out.

Impressions of Soul of Dreams (3) – the residential house

I continued my simploring tour walking along the road, came to the barn and a single hut and to two places on the shore, where you could gather for a small event or simply enjoy some valuable time with friends sitting around a campfire.

Impressions of Soul of Dreams (4) – the barn, gathering spots and a bus stop

At the end of the main island and close to the bridge of the other small island is a small shed. From there you can great views on Soul of Dreams and it is a perfect spot to take pictures. The scenery looks very natural, winterly and peaceful. I sat down on the bridge where you could also fish and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Impressions of Soul of Dreams (5) – around the bridge to the island with the ruins

Finally I went to the second small island that is occupied by ruins of a church like building. The roofs have been closed provisionially, Everything is decorated for romonatic scenes. I found leftovers from Halloween (a scary monk at the entrance of one ruin). One ruin is used as a ballroom with a piano and that one is decorated quite outstanding. I recommend to go to the beach of this island as it also offers spectacular views on Soul of Dreams.

Impressions of Soul of Dreams (6) – the ruins

Soul of Dreams is a romantic place. The vegetation looks very natural and you can find countless spots to take really nice pictures. But you can also find nice places to just sit and enjoy the atmsophere or to be with your loved one. It is a very well made sim. I just enjoy the creativity of people in Second Life. Thank you very much, Xana, for sharing your place publicly and thank you Busta (badboyhi) for designing it. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Soul of Dreams

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