Simploring 2020 (7) Cotswold – a magical place

For my simploring tour on Sunday, December 29th, I picked a landmark that our Kitty had provided to me a few weeks ago – Cotswold.
According to the landmark profile Cotswold is “a Medieval Celtic village with a touch of color and realism to romantically enjoy your photo shoot or role play”. Cotswold is designed and owned by Alex Aurelius Jones (aureliusjones), who likes building landscapes, photography and art. It is build on a half of a moderate homestead.

Cotswold overview

The landing is inside of the tallest building of the sim. The doors in the room you land just lead to other levels of the building. While I tried to find my way out I also went to the top of the tower and to a balcony before I found the exit.
The landing building is furnished like almost all of the houses at Cotswold – and you can see the wealth of the inhabitants looking at the furniture. The building you land in is for sure owned by rich people, other smaller buildings are furnished less and more basic.

Impressions of Cotswold (1) – the landing building

Cotswold is a bit like a open-air museum, a place where you can learn or experience how people lived centuries ago. You see mesh figures that liven up the scenery, in particular around the center of Cotswold with its little market for fish, bread, meat and vegetables. You can also watch a blacksmith at work. The bellow to maintain his fire is driven by a watermill.

Impressions of Cotswold (2) – at the market place

Every tvillage has to have a tavern, so does Cotswold. I walked around, looked inside of the buildings, looked at people and explored.

Impressions of Cotswold (3) – the tavern (left pictures) and one of the smaller houses from out and from inside (right pictures)

Last but not least there’s a harbour with two big sailing ships, there’s a wind mill and a farm with sheep, cows and horses.

Impressions of Cotswold (4) – the harbour, the windmill and the farm

Cotswold has all what you’d expect in a Medieval village. It is a peaceful setting and offers opportunites for taking pictures with a Medieval background. I like its realism, it reminded me of visits to outdoor museums and to visits to Medieval markets in Real Life where you can watch people working like centuries ago.
Thank you Alex (aureliusjones) for sharing your place with the public. I enjoyed my Sunday simploring fun.

Landmark to Cotwold

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