Simploring 2020 (8) Valium Sea

Yesterday I got an invitation from Vally (Valium Lavender) to visit Valium SeaOnce my private homestead sim, I have decided to open it to the public now. Enjoy! – beautiful, peaceful and very photogenic“.

Valium Sea – overview

Valium Sea is a moderate homestead, of course owned by Vally. Vally is also the owner of Valium Creek and the Valium Creek Art Park, a place I had visited and reported about just recently (read: Simploring 2020 (4) Valium Creek, Valium Creek Art Park, Relax Club and Kekeland – Bardeco).
Valium Sea was built by Jacky MacPherson.

Impressions of Valium Sea (1) – landing point and residetial house

Valium Sea is an almost round almost flat island with a lot of beach, beach grass, some scattered trees that have been formed by the wind, Some areas are a bit rocky.In the center of the island is a residential home on a little hill. Beside of this house there’s just a roofed patio a bit aside of the house.

Impressions of Valium Sea (2)

And that’s it! You will find innumerable places to sit, recline, enjoy and cuddle all around the island. You can enjoy the peace and the sound of the ocean. Valium Sea is a perfect place to retreat and wind down – and to take pictures. And of course I took some pictures.

Impressions of Valium Sea (3)

Impressions of Valium Sea (4)

I can only repeat what Vally said: “Enjoy!”. Thank you Vally for opening Valium Sea to the public. I did enjoy a peaceful time-out on the island.

Landmark to Valium Sea
Vally’s Flickr

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