Simploring 2020 (10) Caged Elegance

Thursday, January 23rd, I visited Caged Elegance. I got the landmark in August 2019, when Mistress Jenny found it in a profile. I was there quickly back then and I joind the group and had in mind to visit later more in detail. I got group messages about discussion events, about parties and other events regularly but I never found the right time or motivation to go there. And just a few days ago I got a message that Caged Elegance had moved. Finally I decided spontaneously to have a look.

Caged Elegance is a full adult region owned be the Caged Elegance group. The group was founded by Gatatem Habib (gatatem). The landmark description reads exciting for someone who’s active in the BDSM scene: “Come be fulfilled at Caged Elegance Sim! Club, Venue, Rentals, and Discussions. Built for those with exquisite taste no matter the lifestyle or dynamic!Caged Elegance is tagged with “Master, Mistress, Daddy, Mommy, Dom, Domme, Submissive, Babygirl, Babyboy, RLV, Bondage, Slave

Caged Elegance – the club, a cottage/cabin and sim overview

Upon your arrival you get a notecard with the basic information about Caged Elegance. Most of my simploring report is based on this information along with my walkabout of the whole region.
Set in the Mountains of Italy, nestled away from prying eyes. In a small vineyard village, lies Caged Elegance. A place devoted to the sacred passions of the flesh and its community. Cozy, beautiful landscaping and quaint little cottages. If you happen to wonder into a cottage in our little village you may be amazed at what you discover. Your true desires and adventure can be fulfilled in this hidden vineyard village of Caged Elegance.
And yes the setting is really nice and it is also suitable for those who like taking pictures in Second Life (like me). Right now it is winter and the sim is covered with snow but the sim changes with the season. Hence you might see a different setting when you visit yourself.

The Caged Elegance Club

Caged Elegance is is open to all (adult), there are many nice places just to sit and relax. You can also join the Caged Elegance group and socialize right next to the landing at the CE club. If you want to use furniture or animations outside of the club you need to be a group member.
Cage Elegance has several relaxing areas around the sim, a club, a beautiful gazebo for private dancing, cottages and cabins for play, open space play areas, garden and a dungeon. The dungeon is located in a sepearte skybox and accessible from the teleport board near to the landing at the club. Also the doors outside and inside the club can be used as teleporters.

The main Caged Elegance sim is located on the 1.000 m level in the sky. There are a lot of cottages and cabins spread over the whole sim. You can either take a walk or you use the teleport board next to the landing at the club. The cottages and cabins address different kinks and sexual orientations. You find: Baby Girl, Littles Playground, Barn and Stalls (pony play), Master’s Cottage and Master’s Winery, Mistress cabin, Mistress cottage and a Shibari Cottage
These cottages and cabins are not for rent, but just for your enjoyment and use. And they are all furnished according to the theme. If you want to live at Caged Elegance there are also rentals available on ground level (a vendor is next to the teleport board close to the landing).

Caged Elegance – Mistress cabin and Mistress cottage

But there’s more than the club and the cottages and cabins. I want to mention the hot spring and the gazebo for having a more romantic setting. And there are nice spots to enjoy yourself or as acouple at the docks or at the pier. Last but not least there’s the above mentioned large dungeon. There’s also a platform in the sky with a large games area and a beach.

This all comes together with the quite full shedule of events, parties and discussion groups. Caged Elegance even offers a place for submissives who do not have a home or have come from an abusive dynamic, Submissive Sanctuary. That’s quite a broad offer! Caged Elegance is owned by Gatatem Habib (gatatem), Aeval Habib (avelluna) is the general manager. For the a place as a homeless submissive, for group tags or for any other question you should contact them.

Caged Elegance – Baby Girl cabin / back and games area / a place to cuddle at the pier

It is no question that with an adult sim, there come rules. But they are quite standard in my personal opinion. Of course you should read the rules that are also contained in the notecard that you get upon landing.

Caged Elegance is sponsored by Habib Creations, a shop that is on another level of the sim and also ecessible via the teleport board. Habib Creations is owned by Gatatem Habib (gatatem) and Aeval Habib (avelluna). The shop offers some home decor and varied personal stuff like hats, daggers, swords, bows and horns.

Caged Elegance – Impressions of the main dungeon

It took quite a while to explore Caged Elegance and for sure I didn’t see all of it. I might return for a session or just to socialize. If you seek adult fun in a decent environment, Caged Elegance is a place you should have a look at. Thank you Gatatem, Aeval and who else is also involved in realizing this place.

Landmark to the Caged Elegance BDSM sim
Habib Creations Store
Habib Creations at the marketplace

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