Simploring 2020 (19) [.uphill village] [B R O K E N] [Todaimae]

For my simploring tour Saturday, February 15th, I picked “[.uphill village] [B R O K E N] [Todaimae]” from SL Destinations.
[.uphill village] [B R O K E N] [Todaimae] is located on an adult full region and extends over 4 levels. It is owned by MOONCHILD (Manis Lane).

The landing point is in an underground parking from where you can teleport to three different destinations: Todaime (on the ground), uphill village (at 1.500 m) and Broken (at 2.000 m)

The landing at [.uphill village] [B R O K E N] [Todaimae] – from here you start your visit

I started my simploring tour at uphill village, a section of a big city. You arrive at a bus stop next to an underground station. The city looks busy. From the signs and from what you can see uphill village could be somewhere in the US or in Japan (at the underground station are Japanese characters) or in Fance (Rue Du Faubourg De Bourgogne). uphill villageg offers a lot of great opportunities for taking pictures in a city. Some of the houses and shops are furnished, not for walking in but for the look from ouside. You find a small flea market and flower store on the sidewalk, you can look into a book store and into an appartment house. In the background some skyscrapers complete the city.

Overview / Impressions of uphill village (1)

Impressions of uphill village (2)

Impressions of uphill village (3)

I visited Todaime on the ground next. Todaime, almost hidden – almost forgotten, is a place that reminds MOONCHILD (Manis Lane) of Gion, a district of Kyoto in Japan. Here you don’t have the impression of being in a big city. I more feels like being in an oasis of peace, maybe within a big City. Japanese cherry birchs are blooming. It clearly looks like in Japan. You can walk inside a house, you can visit a nice park or take some pictures.

Overview / Impressions of Todaimae (1)

Impressions of Todaimae (2)

Finally I visited Broken, “a place only you and I know!”. For me Broken was the highlight of my visit. It is a long abandonned city where the nature took over the place again: Gras, flowers, tree, birds, a grazing horse aside of an old record shop, rotten cars and barricaded shops. In the background empty residential appatment blocks behind a fence with a sign ” Warning Keep Out Quarantine”. Of course I tried to go there, but there’s nothing to see and you fall easily through the ground, hence be careful. But it is a great background.

Overview / Impressions of Broken (1)

Impressions of Broken (2)

I had fun simploring [.uphill village] [B R O K E N] [Todaimae]. Thank you, MOONCHILD (Manis Lane), for sharing your place with the public.

Landmark to [.uphill village] [B R O K E N] [Todaimae]
Flickr for [.uphill village] [B R O K E N] [Todaimae]

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