Simploring 2020 (25 B) PixelArt Photogardens

As mentioned in my post before about Mole Lido I got a notecard from the neighbour plot “PixelArt Photogardens” and went exploring it subsequent to visit of Mole Lido.

PixelArt Photogardens is a free to use (moderate) place to take – surprise – pictures. It is owned by Nessie Naidoo, who herself owns two shops. Under the label “Tipster’s” she offers a broad variety of tip jar’s and under the label “PixelArt Pose Props” you can get a selection of photo pose props, pose scenes, pose huds, picture frames and more.

Impressions of PixelArt Photogardens (ground Level) – lower right picture shows the available teleports

From the garden you can teleport either to the shop area or to a platform where you can rez different scenes and backgrounds for taking pictures. Another teleport point leads to a classroom. According to the notecard monthly classes are offered free of charge on improving your Second Life photography – at the time of my visit though the classroom was torn down and the platform was empty.

Impressions of PixelArt Photogardens – Tipster’s and PixelArt Pose Props Shops (left pictures) / available scenes (upper right) / at the Old Gas Station (lower right)

I explored the platform with the scenes and rezzed some of them. The available scenes include: Winter Forest, Summer Forest, Waterfall, Stone Courtyard, Old Gas Station, Pier, Stable, Dreamland, White Boudoir and City Rain.

Some scenes of PixelArt Photogardens – Pier (upper left) / Dreamland (upper right) / Winter Forest (lower left) / City Rain (lower right)

It was fun to visit the PixelArt Photogardens and I’ll keep in mind that it is a great place for pictures. Once again, I appreciated that shop owners provide space for their customers – and in this case you can try out the poses and props you have bought right away at the PixelArt Photogardens. Thank you Nessie for providing this space!

Landmark to PixelArt Photogardens

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