Art in Second Life 2020 (16) swim with elephants by Betty Tureaud

I came across “swim with elephants” scrolling through SL Destinations. The entry led to a post of Dido Haas: “Swim with Elephants by Betty Tureaud.” Dido is a photographer, she is the owner and curator of Nitroglobus Hall, as well as a blogger (Exploring SL with Dido). I added the link to her blog to the active blogs list today.

Back to “swim with elephants“, which is an installation of Betty Tureaud at African Sun, a full (adult) region. The region is group owned and the group was foung by Aki (akikokinoshi). I assume that African Sun is owned by Aki.

Betty Tureaud is from Denmark, she’s a builder and light and space artist in Second Life. I came across her art before at ArtSpace UTSA in 2016 (read here), in August 2018 when I visited her isntallation “The Art Game” (read here) and in January 2019 when her work was shown at La Maison d’Aneli (read here).

Impressions of “swom with the elephants” by Betty Tureaud (1)

The installation “swim with elephants” is quite unique and fitting to the sim name African Sun. It is installed in a sphere in 4000m height. The sky and the ground is orange and yellow so that you literally feel the heat provided by the sun which shines strongly and unrestrictedly. The sphere is large, you see elephants slowly walking in a circle, each elephant has a beam in yellow, green pink or yellow pointing from its back into the sky. You see a large group of flamingos, you see a pyramid at the horizont, a range of dark orange rocks, and some trees. Right in the center of all and close to the landing there’s kind of a pond (or is it simply sand?), yet you can’t really see any difference to the ground around. Humans float in the pond (on the sand?) forming a circle and you can become a part of them by “sitting” on the center sphere.

Impressions of “swom with the elephants” by Betty Tureaud (2)

The backs of the elephants can be used for dancing. I can only imagine every back occupied by the dancing guests on the occasion of the opening party of “swim with elephants” on March 22nd.
I went insode of the pyramid where you find another elephant with a Japanese temple on its back. The temple spews Japanese characters every once in a while and you can sit on the trunk of the elephant.

Impressions of “swom with the elephants” by Betty Tureaud (3)

I don’t want to interpret Betty Tureaud’s work, everyone has different thoughts looking at or expierencing art. For me “swim with elephants” had something peacefully. I sweat, I could feel the heat, but it wasn’t threatening. It’s like walking or dancing in an African dream, not everything must have a meaning. After my visit I asked myself if elephants are seen as having wisdom in Japan, considering the elephant that spew characters in the pyramid …
Anyway have a look yourself!

Thank you Betty Tureaud for the installaion and Aki (akikokinoshi) for providing the space for it.

Landmark to “swim with elephants by Betty Tureaud”
Dido Haas’ blogpost “Swim with Elephants by Betty Tureaud”

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