Art in Second Life 2021 (69) Asperix Asp’s gallery “Render4”

After my last visit to Lad Maison d’Aneli (read here), I had a short conversation with Asperix Asp, one of the participating artists. Asperix asked me to add a link to his own gallery, Render 4. Of course I added it to the links sections in the post.

Sudnay, June 27th, I had some time left over and went visiting Render4.

Asperix Asp’s gallery “Render4”

The gallery building is dominated by a large tower. The 4 facade sides are used to showcase 4 of Asperix’ pictures. The tower is not accessible though, it’s just a landmark for the gallery.

The gallery itself consists of 3 rooms. The room where you arrive features some of the pictures that I saw already at La Maison d’Aneli, fractals that could be minerals or scifi structures or whatever. I’m always intrigued by fractals.

Impressions of Asperix Asp artwork shown at “Render4” (1)

One room showcases four 3D models in the center of the room. I can’t describe the models, so far I’d characterize them as art objects – whatever the spectator might see in them. At the walls of that room are more of Asperix’ fractals.

Impressions of Asperix Asp artwork shown at “Render4” (2)

The third room features one big picture, held in green, different from the other pictures. It could be algae and an unknown crustacean, who knows. In this room you also find 3 slowly rotating spheres in different colours. The spheres are partly transparent and textured so that they look different depending on the viewing angel and rotation.

Impressions of Asperix Asp artwork shown at “Render4” (3)

Asperix Asp is in Second Life since 2007. He’s a Spanish senior artist with 35+ years of experience in digital image, infography, rendered tridimensional fractals, virtual entorns… and had many exhibitions in RL and SL.
In his gallery “Render4” Asperix provides a deeper and broader insight in his artwork.

Landmark to Asperix Asp gallery “Render4”

Art in Second Life 2021 (68) La Maison d’Aneli Summer 21

On Wednesday, July 28th, a new exhibtion was opened at La Maison d’Aneli: “Summer 21”. It features the artwork of Giovanna Cerise, Marylooooe, Elodiecasa Dragovar, Deyanira Yalin, lo01ner01, Mareea Farrasco and Fly Kugin (flyqueeen).

For this exhibtion Aneli Abeyante, owner and curator of La Maison d’Aneli, has a special gift for the visitors. She offers a (attachable or displayable inworld) SL booklet that shows examples of the artwork of the participating artists on 2 pages for each artist. Hence – I could have refrained from taking pictures. You find the booklet at the end of the main hall, next to the event area for the opening event. It is displayed at the seating groups.

Aneli Abeyante’s booklet about the Summer 21 exhibition

The event area is also the space where Fly Kugin (flyqueeen) has her exhibition space.
Fly Kugin (flyqueeen), as a live violin performer, is streaming into Second Life from Istanbul, since September 2019. She’s performing improvisation, Jazz & Rock genres, musicals & soundtracks from different time periods from various artists. But Fly also likes to spend her time taking pictures of landscapes and playing with them on photoshop. And she is still learning different techniques.

At the event area Fly showcased some of her pictures, all of them were taken in Second Life and processed afterwards to make them look like oil paintings. The combiantion of art and Second Life offers great opportunities for artists. Fly also gave a violin concert on the opening event. Fly has an own website with more information and a flickr account.

Fly Kugin’s pages in Aneli’s booklet

Giovanna Cerise is not unknow to me. The last time I came across her art was in May 2019 at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). Before I visited Flash Back / Flash Forward in 2017 (read Simploring 2017 (42) Flash Back / Flash Forward), in 2016 I visited her LEA-installation Monochrome (read here) and in April 2015 I saw Otium (read here: A visit to Otium). Giovanna is an Italian literature teacher and musician. In Second Life she’s active since Ende of 2008 and had many exhibtions and installations. She particpated in the LEA program participations and her list of activities and appearances is long. For more information look up her website.

Giovanna Cerise used her space at La Maison d’Aneli to showcase her “Doll’s house”. It is a space main held in black and white with clear structures that is partly in 3D and party in 2D (but looks 3D). The space has several houses, more a Doll’s village. And there are dolls, I’d rather say ballerinas or dancers. The dolls are stylised, performing alone or as couples in front of the houses or on the open space. There’s quite some to discover viewing at Giovanna Cerise’s installation from different viewing angles.

Giovanna Cerise’s pages in Aneli’s booklet

It is the first time that I came across the artis Marylooooe, She is in Second Life for 5 years and had several small and two larger exhibitions in favor of “Feed a smile” and the “Parkinson foundation”.

Marylooooe set up a 4 story gallery building in her skybox at La Maison d’Aneli. She named her exhibtion “Art of me – coynty art”. Marylooooe uploaded her RL artwork into Second Life. All of her art is very colourful, strong and expressive colours. On the four floors Marylooooe grouped her pictures. The ground floor shows some abstract pictures along with pictures in which you can recognize an animal, a goat? The 2nd floor is dedicated to flowers an abstact pictures, which could also be flowers because of how colourful they are. On the 3rd floor are some pictures showing a cow or a cow’s face. And finally the 4th foor is used to showcase some landscapes, towns and villages. For all of her pictures you need imagiantion, you have to connect with them to see the details beside the colours. Marylooooe wrote about her skybox in the accompanying notecard: “All my pictures exist in the original in rl. This exhibition country art is based on an idea originated when a friend asked: do you paint cows too, why not, and so i got down to work. A series of works was created and I hope you will have as much fun looking at them as I had painting them.” (from the accompanying notecard)

Marylooooe’s pages in Aneli’s booklet

Elodiecasa Dragovar is also a new artist for me. She’s in Second Life since 2010. Art is part of her life, she started getting lessons in art aged 9. Since 13 years Elodiecasa lives in Morocco. In the accompanying notecard as well as on a board in her skybox at La maison d’Aneli she wrote about herself: “I don’t consider myself as an artist but a passionate person. I love art in all forms, I touch everything. Art is a part of my life, it’s a need

Her skybox is quite packed with pictures. All of them are imported into Second Life from RL pictures as far as I could gather. Elodiecasa uses all kind of techniques for her art and thus we get a broad picture of her artwork, which ranges from abstract alcohol ink pictures to acrylic portraits, from watercolour pictures of villages to abstract oil pictures. The variety is impressive and I couldn’t categorize her art at all.

Elodiecasa Dragovar’s pages in Aneli’s booklet

Deyanira Yalin has been in Second Life since 2007. Her creations started with oils and acrylics shown at exhibitions in Mexico City, and has continuously expanded to incorporate other media: “As a graphic designer, the influence of Second Life has help me to embrace the digital art form, which culminated in several exhibits currently displayed in Second Life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe that my art is the product of cumulative dreams and visualization.” (taken from the accompanying notecard)

Deyanira Yalin’s skybox at La Maison d’Aneli is a dark blue box with a 3D object in the center. Her pictures glow colourful in this environment. They range from animal faces over geometric forms, from portraits to flowers. Deyanira often uses different layers in her pictures so that you have to immerse into her art.
Deyanira has an own gallery in Second life and a store “DeyLyn Creations” on the marketplace,

Deyanira Yalin’s pages in Aneli’s booklet

Neel (lo01ner01) is in Second Life for 4 years.
Neel was born in the Himalayan foothills of India but now lives in the vast city of Mumbai. He is a passionate animal lover and cares greatly for the earth and all its creatures. A university graduate trained in business, Neel is also a student of poetry, art and literature in Hindi, English and Sanskrit. But he is especially interested in science. He combines abstract painting with imaginative birds, insects, and fish. Thus Neel explores the inner world of emotions and feelings, and how they connect to the natural world around us. His work draws on observation of the fine detail of the natural world together with an inner vision, which he paints as he sees with the eye of the spirit.” (from the accompanying notecard)

Neel (lo01ner01)’s skybox at La Maison d’Aneli is a light 2 story box held in white. His pictures are shown on the walls. Some pictures are abstract, others are a combination of abstract pictures with objects as described in the notecard. All of them seem to be RL pictures that were uploaded into Second Life.

lo01ner01’s pages in Aneli’s booklet

Mareea Farrasco is “a SL photographer and the owner of IMAGO Land and IMAGO Art Galleries, a Nature, Art & Culture area open for visitors who love to explore, relax, take photos or admire the highly talented artists works displayed in the galleries… My photography covers a large field, from portraits to landscapes, from concrete to metaphoric images, from narrative scenes to still life pictures.” (from the accompanying notecard)
I visited IMAGO Land in April 21 and reported about my visit (read here)

Mareea’s skybox at La Maison d’Aneli is complete held in black in order to provide a contrast to pastel colours of her photographs, that mainly show landscapes along with only few details. I don’t know (but suspect) that Mareea porcesses her pictures a bit to make them a little bit blurry, which fits perfectly (no critique meant). Mareea proves the almost endless possibilities that Second Life offers for our creativity.
Mareea Farrasco’s pictures can also been seen at her flickr account.

Mareea Farrasco’s pages in Aneli’s booklet

La Maison d’Aneli is owned by Aneli Abeyante. Through her gallery she brings together all forms of creativity in RL and SL and the featured artists come from around the globe. Aneli’s intention is to “put her gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles.”
Thank you for another great joined exhibtion, Aneli. As always I enjoyed my visit and writing about it. It inspired me.

Landmark to La Maison d’Aneli
Fly Kugin (flyqueeen)’s website
Fly Kugin (flyqueeen)’s flickr
Giovanna Cerise’s website
Deyanira Yalin’s gallery
Deyanira Yalin marketplace store “DeyLyn Creations”
Landmark to Mareea Farrasco’a IMAGO Land
Mareea Farrasco’s flickr

Art in Second Life 2021 (67) Fragments by Melusina Parkin

I got an invitation to “Fragments” by Melusina Parkin, an exhibtion shown on a seperate platform of Milena’s Carbone Gallery @ Serena.

For the exhibtion “Fragments” Melusina Parkin and Milena Carbone have cooperated for the first time. Milena composed the texts, each piece inspired by one of Melusina’s images. Pieces of sentences that, put together, constitute an absurd story, but a coherent whole, like a journey of human life.

Together with the invitation I got a bunch of information. I have visited quite some exhibtions of both artists.
Melusina Parkin’s photos tend towards minimalism, which is Melu’s main inclination: simple details from daily life or usual landscapes are the subject of mostly empty scenes, stressing voids, space, geometries, lights; this reveals hidden meanings or pushes the observer to give them her/his own one. Her favorite subjects are wide landscapes, city views, industrial environments, popular lifestyles and daily objects.

“Fragments” by Melusina Parkin @ The Carbone Gallery

Melusina wrote:
The image belongs to the observer. I agree with this statement made by the recent semiology and art critics. The reasons that an artist takes a photograph or paints a picture – or is compelled to do that – aren’t the same as those that open the observers’ way to find a meaning in them. Images are just incentives to seek unconsciously in our mind a memory, a meaning, a feeling we saved into the cells of our brain, codified by a mysterious chemical language. More ambiguous images are deeper and can evoke more complex thoughts or feelings.

My photos try to offer these “links” to the observers’ minds by representing simplified, “incomplete” images. Lonely places, empty rooms, absences, silent, still, small details that we usually neglect, when shown in a large size photo can have that power. Fragments of the outer world we live in take to fragments of our inner one.

Examples of “Fragments” by Melusina Parkin with texts from Milena Carbone (1)

When Milena proposed that I show my photos at her new gallery, paired with her written reflections on them, I was curious to know what kind of thoughts they would stimulate. The result of her careful observation has been stunning: her texts reveal even the most private sides of her soul, starting from pictures that don’t belong to her past life, but are linked to her own mind’s archive by multiple hooks : so she tells her stories about an object or a landscape, or even about a color, or a light, and those stories compose a portrait showing something placed between memory, reality, imagination, dream and abstract thought.
I wish that my images could have the same effect on visitors’ souls. No other aim would be more enticing for a photographer.

Examples of “Fragments” by Melusina Parkin with texts from Milena Carbone (2)

The exhibtion consists of two parts – outside and inside. The provided landmark leads to the outside area. Melusina Parker’s pictures are featured on big single boards under the open sky. Chairs are placed in front of the boards so that you can sit down and look at the single pictures. A paved walkway leads you to a center screen, which shows the pictures one after the other in a slideshow – together with the texts, that Milena Carbone wrote.

As you walk along the paved walkway, you can read another accompanying text on the paving stones:
My life is straight as a road through the desert, and this road never stops, it goes straight in circles, it ticks off the numer that never ends. If this desert were alive, my road would be twisty, facetious, chaotic and unexpected. But wem the human species, have sterilized and flattened the earth to satisfy our appetite for perfection, geometry, purity. And all of this, now, is boring like a gray day at the office. Boring and tiring. I am sitting on the bench, exhausted and sad. Here, a circle will never be perfect, Everything we see from the outside is a story. Your life, my life, our life are fragments of stories, nothing is true, nothing is holy.

Examples of “Fragments” by Melusina Parkin with texts from Milena Carbone (3)

Milena Carbone’s texts are created using automatic writing, a surrealist technique. They are initially extracted from independent stories, sometimes autobiographical, often imaginary. Subsequently, they are reworked so that each text is linked to one or more other texts by common images, symbols or sensations.

The inside area contains what might be the other half of the pictures in a traditional gallery. In the center of the inside area you find a bookstore. Those who are regular visitors to Melusina Parkin’s exhibitions know these books already:
Melusina All-in-One Exhibits allow you to keep at home the whole exhibit you visited and loved. It’s an alternative kind of the exhibit catalogue – you can hang the object on your home’s walls and enjoy the changing images.
They come in four versions, that you can choose according to your home style: plain or framed, changing image by touch or in random loop. The objects are set as modifiable, so you can adapt them to your walls.

“Fragments” by Melusina Parkin @ The Carbone Gallery – inside area with bookstore

Milena Carbone (mylena1992) is a French artist and is in Second Life since mid 2019. She discovered its artistic potential and since then has devoted all her free time to creation, associating, as in real life, images and texts: “Milena Carbone is a fiction in which, as in any artistic work, biographical and imaginary elements are mixed.” Her creative process is iterative: some of her images inspire her stories and these stories modify the development of the image, which itself transforms the story.
Milena Carbone currently curates three own galleries: The Carbone Gallery, The Carbone Gallery @ Noir’Wen City, and The Carbone Gallery @ Serena. You can follow her on flickr and you can read some of her texts on Medium.

Melusina Parkin is in Second Life since September 2008. She has been a fashion manager, a journalist, a furniture creator, a builder, a decorator and a photographer. Her work as a photographer has been showcased in more than 50 exhibitions – from which I saw just a few. Melusina has an own gallery, an own store for Art Deco furniture “Melu Deco“, Melusina has a flickr account which counts more than 13,000 (!) photographs. Extensive collections of her photos can be seen also on her blog Virtual Exhibits and on some slideshows on Youtube (links under this post).

Thank you both, Milena Carbone and Melusina Parkin for a this cooperative work, for a perfect combination of images and texts. My visit to “Fragments” was touching and inspiring – a great exhibition!

Landmark to Fragments by Melusina Parkin
The Carbone Gallery
The Carbone Gallery @ Noir’Wen City
The Carbone Gallery @ Serena
Milena Carbone’s flickr
Milena Carbone’s texts
Landmark to Melusina Photo Gallery
Landmark to Melusina Parkin’s store for Art Deco furniture “Melu Deco”
Melusina Parker’s flickr
Melusina Parkin’s Virtual Exhibit blog
On line book Second Life exhibits 2011-2019
Melusina Parkin’s youtube channel

Art in Second Life 2021 (66) Manet 3D by Red Bikcin

I saw Red Bikcin’s art before, the last time in 2020 at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). Actually one of her pictures is at our home. So far what I saw from Red Bikcin were animated geometric forms or fractals, always colourful, always something to watch for longer as it changes regularly.

Redi (Red Bikcin) sent me an invitation to her latest exhibtion “Manet 3D” and the poster did not fit at all to what I saw so far from Redi. Hence I had a look on Monday July 12th.
Manet 3D” is exactly what the name implies. Pictures from Manet in three dimensions. That is of course hard to capture in 2D pictures. Each of the 9 pictures of Redi is in a box with the main object in the front and one or more layers behind. If you look at them frontal, it is a 2D picture, if you look from aside you see the different layers and the picture changes.

Impressions of “Manet 3D” by Red Bikcin (1)

Redi added a third dimension to Manet’s paintings. She worked with the orignal pictures and cutted out some parts to get the 3D effect (NO, of course she worked with digital copies or photographs of the orginals *winks*).

Impressions of “Manet 3D” by Red Bikcin (2)

Red Bikcin is from Spain and in Second Life for more than 14 years. She has her own gallery, the R&D Art Gallery Diotima.

Landmark to Manet 3D by Red Bikcin
Red Bikcin’s R&D Art Gallery Diotima

Art in Second Life 2021 (65) Summer day by Cica Ghost

Once again Cica opened a new installation. It’s called Summer day. As always Cica provided a thought along with her installation in the landmark description: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Summer day by Cica Ghost is a bit different from what I saw so far from her. The main animals are white horses. In total there’re 10 different horses spread over the sim. The selected windlight is a bit hzay, in a blueish green, yet it still provides warmth, as it should be on a Summer day. The ground is mainly covered with grass, high gras and flowers. but there’re also green meadows and quite some trees. Not far from the landing point is a larger pond.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (1) – around the landing point

A man is fishing in the pond and a swan is circling quietly around. At the landing point are several boards, one contains a notecard with a bit more information about Cica, one brings you to Cica’s store, another to her store on the marketplace, one is a tipjar and one brings you to the horse store where you can purchase all of the 10 different horses used in the installion.

This time the store is not integrated into the installation but on a seperate platform in the sky. I met Cica at the landing point and we had a short chat.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (2) – the house on the hill / Cica’s cat

The horses are huge, nothing that surprised me. In Cica’s worlds adults are small, they watch the world through the eyes of children. What is striking about the horses is that they are not cica-ish, they are tall yes, but the proportions fit and they don’t have big eyes or big mouthes. They are just beautiful animals. And that is what I meant when I wrote, that Summer day by Cica Ghost is a bit different from her other installations.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (3)

Up on a hill is a house and a girl sits in front of it with a goose on her lap. She seems to enjoy the Summer day. Close by is a white stork watching the world from a rock. And when you walk down the stairs, that lead to the house you may find a bench to sit down and one of Cica’s cats. Cica told me that she added a cat as I was missing a cat in some of her recent installations and I complained at her as it is kind of a trademark of Cica. Well at Summer day there’s a cat again. Thank you, Cica!

What else? You should look close at the trees around the pond. On one of the trees you may find a box dangling from a branch. Click on it to get a gift. It’s a balloon and you can use it for exploring Summer day from above.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (4) – the balloon gift (upper right), the horse shop (lower left)

Summer day by Cica Ghost is an installation where you can enjoy the moment, enjoy the views, enjoy the beauty of the majestic white horses and relax as time flows by slowly, but inexorable. Enjoy viewing the world with the eyes of a kid, curious and always positive. This way, Cica presents us with a smile again and we leave Summer day happily and with a positive mindset.

Landmark to Summer day by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A

Art in Second Life 2010 (64) Milena Carbone – The Scale of Love

Milena Carbone invited me to see her newest exhibtion at her Carbone Gallery – The Scale of Love.
The Scale of Love” is a new installation of the former “Nine Levels Of Love” exhibition showed at Noir Wen City during autumn 2020 (read here).

Milena write on her website: “The exhibition presents nine states of love as expressed in ancient Greek, from fusional love “pothos” to universal love “agape”. Love is a life force that connects us to spirituality. This is why the paintings are installed in a setting evoking antique temples, Christian cathedrals or Buddhist symbols. This is a permanent exhibition at The Carbone Gallery.”

Milena Carbone – The Scale of Love – Impressions (1)

As Milena wrote she installed kind of a cathedral for “The Scale of Love“. With the environment set to “midnight” the room has a contemplative atmosphere. The 9 pictures are quite large and almost each picture is presented in a seperate room, giving it enough room to develop. You can sit down and look at it.

I was not familiar with any scale of love. Milena listed them on her website:
Pothos – possessive love
Mania – passion love
Eros – flesh love
Philia – friendship love
Storgè -tender love
Harmonia – harmonious love
Eunoïa – compassionate love
Charis – unreserved love
Agape – universal love
Pornaia – bestial love (not included in the exhibition)

Each picture of the exhibtion expresses one of the state.

Milena Carbone – The Scale of Love – Impressions (2)

Milena always has accompanying texts in her exhibitions. There’s the “speech of Aristophane” that ends with the lines: “Our species can only be happy under one condition, and tat is to fulfill its love desire, for every to meet their other half, and this to return to their original nature.

And there’s the “Scale of Love”….: “When we love, from the moment we are born until perhaps the instant we die, we participate in the ballet of the eintire universe towards the eternal return of the one. I see in this neither good nor evil, the two being linked like everything else, but as a river, or clock, or wave

Milena Carbone – The Scale of Love – Impressions (3)

Milena Carbone (mylena1992) is a French artist and is in Second Life since mid 2019. She discovered its artistic potential and since then has devoted all her free time to creation, associating, as in real life, images and texts: “Milena Carbone is a fiction in which, as in any artistic work, biographical and imaginary elements are mixed.” Her creative process is iterative: some of her images inspire her stories and these stories modify the development of the image, which itself transforms the story.
Thank you for another great exhibition, Milena!

Website about the exhibition “The Scale of Love”
Landmark to The Carbone gallery – exhibition “The Scale of Love”
Landmark to The Carbone Gallery @ Serena
Landmark to The Carbone Gallery @ Noir’Wen City
Milena Carbone’s Flickr page
Landmark to The Carbone Gallery @ Serena

Art in Second Life 2021 (63) Baptism of Fire by Mihailsk

Dido Haas invited me to visit the July exhibtion, at Nitroglobus Roof gallery: “Baptism of Fire” by Mihailsk.

Once again Dido features a new face in the art scene and the exhibtion is quite outstanding.
The artist is Mihailsk. He’s Greek and in Second Life since 2014. Mihailsk started photography in Second Life and according to his own words, that was when he really started his journey in Second Life:
It was January 2020 when I started this beautiful journey in light, colors and emotions. A journey to fantastic places and loved persons, trying to capture special moments in eternity. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with pain. Each of my images is a part of me, an expression of my mood at that particular moment.

The exhibtion “Baptism of Fire” is the result of a challenge that Dido set for Mihailsk: “travel inside yourself”. Mihailsk accepted the challenge and tried to express his thoughts and emotions, using only his body and the presence or absence of light. He dared to make himself the main subject, something he usually doesn’t do. And males are a rare subject in art, specially in Second Life. So that’s something that adds to the peculiarity of the exhibtion.

Impressions of “Baptism of Fire” by Mihailsk @ Nitroglobus Roof gallery (1)

Mihailsk writes about “Baptism of Fire“: “Without colors, mostly without unnecessary objects, the more I traveled the more discoveries I made. I came closer to me than usual. I never imagined how exciting, painful and liberating this journey could be. Sometimes it felt like a dip in the deep waters. It was a journey in light and darkness, like Apollo and Hades were my companions. And there I found my ‘new me’. Moments from this trip is the content of my first exhibition, with which I introduce myself and my ‘new me’ to you.

Impressions of “Baptism of Fire” by Mihailsk @ Nitroglobus Roof gallery (2)

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. It is a great exhibtion space, the mirroring effect of the floor adds a lot to the experience of a visit and higlights the art in a particular way.
Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “Baptism of Fire” by Mihailsk. Thank you Mihailsk for your art, even when you yourself consider not being an artist – you are! I enjoyed my visit.

Baptism of Fire” by Mihailsk shall stay open until end of July

Landmark to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery
Mihailsk’s flickr
Mihailsk’s art space (shared with Dido Haas) at Artists Village – Campbell Coast
Dido Haas’ blogpost about “Baptism of Fire”

Art in Second Life 2021 (62) SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun by Sophie de Saint Phalle and Luxor Ragnarok

I was invited by Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010) to attend the opening of her latest exhibtion “SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun“. It is a joint artwork with Luxor Ragnarok, a German media architect, artist and philosopher.
Unfortunately I missed the opening event, instead I visited a day afterwards on Sunday, June 20th.

The exhibition is in a ultra modern tall building with three floors and a roof top event area. I took a few pictures of the building at daytime to get an impression how it looks. Next to the building is a modern place with high poles and other architectutual elements. The smaller poles of this place glow in the dark. The building itself is a piece of art – in particular when you use the shared environment settings (I assume it’s midnight), where the illumination of the building, the poles and the rooftop event area can fully develop. You should keep the environment settings and turn music on.

SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun by Sophie de Saint Phalle and Luxor Ragnarok

The exhibition itself extends over all three floors. On the ground floor is an exhibition called “Locked Psychiatric Ward”, that is inspired by Sophie’s work as medical art therapist. In the center is an permanet changing object with several faces that displays short stories about patients in German. At the walls Sophie showcases black and white pictures, portraits of people who are inmates in a psychiatric clinic. It’s a quite depressing atmosphere.

SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun by Sophie de Saint Phalle and Luxor Ragnarok – ground floor “Locked Psychiatric Ward”

On the 2nd floor are paintings from Sophie’s art collection “RED EXPRESSIONS” displayed in a mystical and almost transparent way. They are combined with light, shadow and sound effects from Luxor Ragnarok. Sphie wrote about it: “Experience art with all your senses and feel how we all are connected in harmony. See art, touch art, feel art, hear art (taste and smell art coming soon in SL *winks*)”
The 2nd floor is a good example how art, that can’t develop just in a gallery, can be presented in a very different way in Second Life making the visit an particular experience. Light, transparency and shadows lifts the artwork to another level.

SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun by Sophie de Saint Phalle and Luxor Ragnarok – 2nd floor “RED EXPRESSIONS”

The 3rd floor is dedicated to an art performance that was presented at the opening event. The performance had 3 parts: “Trapped – Caught in ourselves, Restrained. Are you comfortable?”, “Fear – What holds you back? What are you afraid of? Why?” and “Release – Overcome yourself. Reveal your reality and enjoy whatever it might be.”
Photos in black and white at the walls were captured by Sophie de Saint Phalle during a Real life performance, the unique Second Life performance (that I didn’t see) was created by Luxor Ragnarok. Except of one picture the photos are hard to see, they are dived into blue light and you can only recognize contours. Sophie told me that the Real Life performance, where these pictures were taken, dealt with breaking free from restraints, with the escape from imprisonment.
In the center is a place with several hooks suspended from the ceiling. The hooks are used for Shibari rope bondage art. The bondage in this case was used to symbolize restraints. I tied myself to demonstrate it (just for the arts! *laughs*)

SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun by Sophie de Saint Phalle and Luxor Ragnarok – 3rd floor “Escape Performance”

Finally there’s the rooftop, the place of the event after the opening. This rooftop disco is really worth a visit even without any people.

Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010) is a Austrian RL painter and book author. She mainly paints nude from models and abstract art. She loves to experiment with different kinds of paint and lithography. Her favourite materials are sand, plaster, glue, terracotta, stones, bones, ash, charcoal, natural pigments and more.
Sophie has made several book illustrations and was for many years political cartoonist for a well known satire magazine. She lived and worked in the Unites States, Australia, Rome and Monaco.

Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010) has an own gallery, The “SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre“. While the Art shown on the ground floor can be purchased directly at site, the art peices on the the first and second floor can be bought at SUBCUTAN Galleries.

SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun by Sophie de Saint Phalle and Luxor Ragnarok – Rooftop Event Area

Sophie told me that the exhibition “SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun” by Sophie de Saint Phalle and Luxor Ragnarok should have stayed open for visitors for a couple of weeks. And she intended to redo the performance just for me. Sadly, a few days later the told me that the place and the exhibition are gone unfortuantely –  art in Second Life is temporory! Hence this blogpost is what is left from the exhibition and the event.  It really was worth the visit for Sophie’s art, for the light effects and how the art is showcased and for the ultra modern building.

SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre
Landmark to “SOLSTICE – The Dark Side of the Sun” (NO LONGER VALID)

Art in Second Life (61) Anima – A Retrospective on Photography by Akim Alonzo

I was invited to attend the opening of the exhibtion “Anima – A Retrospective on Photography” by Akim Alsonzo at Kondor Art Center on June 25th. I visited the day after….

The exhibition is shown at the main building of the Kondor Art Center. As the name implies, it features a broad variety of Akim’s artwork. The gallery building has 2 floors and offers quite a lot of space for displaying. In the center at the staircase is a picture frame where the pictures showcased in this exhibition are displayed as a slideshow with smooth fading transisitons.

Anima – A Retrospective on Photography” by Akim Alonzo at Kondor Art Center

I came across Akim Alonzo in 2019 the first time, when his art was featured at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). And I had seen some of the pictures shown at “Anima – A Retrospective on Photography” already there. These pictures are loosely based on the cult movie “The Matrix”. A metaphor for a world of people trapped in a simulated, virtual reality that has many aspects in common with the Secondlife world. And most of them have surrealistic elements.

Impressions of “Anima – A Retrospective on Photography” by Akim Alonzo (1)

Akim Alonzo’s other passion are portraits. Most of them are in black and white or monochrome. Akim succeeds to capture the expression of a face, the soul, at least something that makes the spectator build a story to the portrait. He selects the background very thought fully, so that it doesn’t distract from the portrait but combines and eneases building a story.

Akim Alonzo is a traveller and photographer and has a passion for art. He’s the owner, artistic director, and curator of his “Itakos Project and Art Gallery“. And he has an own website.

Impressions of “Anima – A Retrospective on Photography” by Akim Alonzo (2)

The Kondor gallery is owned and curated by Hermes Kondor. Thank you Hermes for enabling this exhibtion. I enjoyed my visit a lot.

“Anima – A Retrospective on Photography” by Akim Alonzo
at Kondor Art Center
Landmark to The Itakos Project and Art Gallery
The Itakos Project and Art Gallery website

Art in Second Life 2021 (60) Visions of Spring 2021 by Nils Urqhart

I visited Visions of Spring 2021, a new exhibtion of Nis Urqhart, currently shown at his own gallery, the Art Gallery Rill’Arts.

It’s not my first visit to the Art Gallery Rill’Arts. From Nils himself I saw his exhibtion “A Winter Tale 2020” at this gallery before (read here).

“Visions of Spring 2021” is an exhibition with about 40 new Real Life pictures that have never been shown before. The exhibition extends over the ground floor and the second floor. There are about 4 themes: macro pictures of blossoms some with insects sitting on them, pictures of blooming flowers, ducks and storks, and farms. All pictures show the high professional photography art of Nils Urqhart. The motifs are selected thoughtfully and for sure it takes time to get a picture of an insect on a blossom – or of a duck eating a small fish.
I liked in particular the macro pictures.

Nils Urqhart (Paul Maurice in RL) is a French photographer in RL. He takes his photos mainly in French Alps and other French mountains (Vosges, Jura, Bugey, Aubrac…). Nils has a lot of exhibitions in different SL galleries every year. You can get a list with all of his current exhibition from the board with his biography, right next to the entrance of the Art Gallery Rill’Arts.
Nils is in SL since December 2007. Since 2010, his photos have been on display year-round at Art gallery Rill’Arts. Nils (or Paul in RL) has an own website where you can purchase his pictures to decorate you RL home.

Nils was present during my visit and he told me that the exhibition shall stay open to the public until September 2021.
Thank you for your art, Nils. I enjoyed my visit and your Visions of Spring 2021

Landmark to Art Gallery Rill’Arts
Nils Urqhart (Paul Maurice in RL)’s website

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