Art in Second Life 2021 (6) Artists’ Village at Campbell Coast

When I scrolled through SL Destinations on Monday, January 4th, I came across an entry which led to a post from Inara Pey “A new home for an Artists’ Village – Campbell Coast“.

I read the post and had to have a look myself.
The Artists’ Village at Campbell Coast is operated by BJoyful and Doc Rast (rasterscan) and curated by Owl Dragonash. As the name implies it is a village (located on a sky platform) that offers 42 studio spaces in a really nice environment. Inara wrote in her post (January 3rd):
29 of the 42 studio are already occupied or reserved by the following artists: Dhyezl, Etamae, Jaz, Gidgy Adagio, Shakti Adored, Caly Applewhyte, Whimsical Aristocrat, Ceekay Ballyhoo, Michiel Bechir, Thomaz Blackburn, Giovanna Cerise, Rey Charles, Owl Dragonash, Apple Fall, Johannes Huntsman, Uli Jansma, Suzen Juel, Lena Kiopak, Anouk Lafavre, Dimivan Ludwig, Radagast Malaprop, Kitty Mills, Nympheas Nogah, Inara Pey, Blues Rocker, Tempest Rosca, David Silence and Skip Staheli. They are joined by musicians Jed Luckless, Lexus Melodie, Larree Quixote, and writer GoSpeed Racer. All of whom amount to a rich selection of artistic expression.
Those interested in obtaining a space at the Village should contact one of Bjoful, Doc or Owl in-world.

Impressions of the Artists’ Village at Campbell Coast

The studios are presented in town house style units with two floors of exhibition space (artists will need to install their own teleport systems between floors), with the studios laid out in blocks separated by cobbled streets and open spaces, complete with an open-air bar / event space at the southern end of the village.”

On my fist visit I had a look at the studios of Inara Pey, Thomaz (Thomaz Blackburn), CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo), Dimi Ludwig (Dimivan Ludwig), Suzen JueL (Juel Resistance) and Giovanna Cerise.

Impressions of Thomaz’ studio at Campbell Coast Artists’ Village

Thomaz is a SL photographer and processes the pictures he takes only a little or not at all. He is focused more on getting the right windlight setting for his pitures

Impressions of CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo)’ and of Dimi Ludwig (Dimivan Ludwig) studio at Campbell Coast Artists’ Village

CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo) presents both, only minimalistc processed pictures taken in Second Life and also highly processed pictures where the you can’t know if the original picture was taken in Second Life or in the physical world. Dimi Ludwig (Dimivan Ludwig) is working as musician in Second Life since February 2006, I assume that is why the guitar is in his studio. He presents very nice pictures of animals and nature from the physcial world.

Impressions of Suzen JueL (Juel Resistance)’s studio at Campbell Coast Artists’ Village

I’ve never seen anything of Suzen JueL (Juel Resistance) before, yet I really like of her café/studio, the colourful art at the walls that catches your eye and the atmosphere in the café that is particular. Suzen has her own website with an event calendar and more examples of her art and her music. I was quite impressed.

Impressions of Giovanna Cerise’s studio at Campbell Coast Artists’ Village

Giovanna Cerise is not unknow to me. I visited Flash Back / Flash Forward in 2017 (read Simploring 2017 (42) Flash Back / Flash Forward), in 2016 I visited her LEA-installation Monochrome (read here), in April 2015 I saw Otium (read here: A visit to Otium) and in May 2019 she participated in an exhibtion at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). Giovanna is an Italian literature teacher and musician. In Second Life she’s active since Ende of 2008 and had many exhibtions and installations. She particpated in the LEA program participations and her list of activities and appearances is long. For more information look up her website. At her studio she presents pictures and 3D sculptures that are real eyecathers and look very different depending on the viewing angle. It’s a feast for the eye to explore these scuptures.

Impressions of Inara Pey’s studio at Campbell Coast Artists’ Village

Last but not least I visited Inara Pey’s studio, actually it was the first sutdio I saw during my visit. I know Inara’s way to create artful pictures in Second Life from the many post I read in her blog. She developed her own and very typical style. As I know many of the places she visited myself looking at her pictures also brings back lovely memories.

Thank you BJoyful and Doc Rast (rasterscan) for this initiative and Owl Dragonash for curating the Artists’ Village at Campbell Coast. I had a pleasant first visit.

Landmark to the Artists’ Village at Campbell Coast
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A new home for an Artists’ Village – Campbell Coast”

Art in Second Life 2021 (5) American Shot by Milena Carbone

I got an invitation from Dido Haas to visit the exhibtion “American Shot” by Milena Carbone (mylena1992) at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. The gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas.

What is an American Shot? It is a photograph framed from the character’s mid waist to right above their head. It is characteristic of American movies of the first half of the 20th century, at the dawn of cinema, and of the American empire. The exhibtion “American Shot” deals with the rise and fall of an empire, in particular of the American empire. The title has nothing to do with the pictures itself though, that are “Italian shots”, showing full bodies. That’s the educational part of this blog entry *winks*.

With “American Shot” Milena shows us the decay of the Western Empires in 28 images of which 14 are shown at present (until end of January 2021). Halfway the exhibition Milena will change images and show the remaining 14 works (early to mid February). Moreover, Milena also made a book of this exhibition in which not only all 28 images are presented but also the story she wrote ‘Greatness again and Decadence’. You will find the the book on the table at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and can purchase it.

“American Shot” by Milena Carbone” (1)

The 14 pictures shown right now are all quite large and show people in extraordinairy situations or environments, like the one that was selected for the exhibition’s poster. With the floor mirroring the pictures they all become quite expressive. And along with a few thoughts and texts they invite the visitor to spin stories, to connect them with the rise and fall of the American empire, to connect them with the texts.

In the accompanying notecard Milena writes about “American Shot”:
Even before the emergence of civilizations, human beings devoted part of their lives to representing faces. Animals, gods, chiefs, parents. They drew on rocks, they carved masks and statues in pieces of wood, clay or stones. The art of portraiture is found in every work of art. Each era carries its style and its faces. It is accepted today that the portrait is the representation of the absent. Absent God. Absent Master. Absent wife. Father absent. Unknown soldier. Lost friend. Jesus on the cross. Regretted Mary.

“American Shot” by Milena Carbone” (2)

Milena Carbone (mylena1992) is a French artist and is in Second Life since mid 2019. She discovered its artistic potential and since then has devoted all her free time to creation, associating, as in real life, images and texts. By accepting the rule of the “double” (the real “I” and the virtual “I”), she includes herself in her artwork: “Milena Carbone is a fiction in which, as in any artistic work, biographical and imaginary elements are mixed.” Her creative process is iterative: some of her images inspire her stories and these stories modify the development of the image, which itself transforms the story.

“American Shot” by Milena Carbone” (3)

Dido Haas wrote a comprehensive article about “American Shot” in her blog “Exploring SL with Dido“. It includes more information and a video of the exhibtion, that was made by Milena herself.
Thank you Dido for providing the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and for featuring “American Shot” by Milena Carbone. I enjoyed my visit – part 1.

Landmark to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery
Dido Haas’ blog “Exploring SL with Dido”
Dido Haas about “American Shot by Milena Carbone”

Art in Sceond Life 2021 (4) La Maison d’Aneli Jan/Feb 2021

On Wednesday, January 13th, Aneli Abeyante opened a new joined exhibtion at La Maison d’Aneli. The participating artists for the first exhibtion of 2021 are: Sasha Arivalhagan (arivalhagan), Shoshisn Shilova, Anja (neobookie), NicoleX Moonwall, Kuervo (DonKuervo), GlitterPrincess Destiny, Zia Branner, Talixa and the RL artist Françoise Waroux.

As in the last exhibtions each of the 9 artists has an own skybox to fill at their liking or needs. Hence the art is presented in very different environment.

I started my tour with the art of Kuervo. I don’t know anything about the artist. The owner of the pictures, DonKuervo, is just 3 weeks old and therefore I assume it was created for this exhibition. In the accompanying notecard Kuervo writes: “The paintings that I exhibit here have been drawn and painted by me in IRL. I worked on the lights to create a nice presentation on SL. I am a self-taught person, my paintings were made mainly with acrylics, sometimes with Chinese inks or watercolors. I’m interested in drawing and painting, I’m a graphic designer, and I’m also interested in 3D, photography, djing, as well as sculpture.
You can find Kuervo on facebook here.

Kuervo’s skybox is just this – a box. The walls are used to present the pictures and yes, there’s something that makes you feel “Africa”, and not just because of the zebras. The lighting is selected nicely, the lights move and give the pictures a colourful gloss every once in a while. The effect is stunning compared to looking at the pictures without the moving light.

GlitterPrincess Destiny is in Second Life for almost 13 years. I never came across her before. At La Mansion d’Aneli she divided her skybox into an entry area and a box with 3 levels. GlitterPrincess presents pictures and some smaller 3D objects and installations. They all are about isolation, pain and death. There are some “books” close to several of GlitterPrincess’ art. Clicking these books gives you a notecard with a thought or two about the art. I’m not sure but I think the installation is expressing the isolation, the fear and the deaths that came with the current pandemic. GlitterPrincess’ pictures do tell stories, as it should be.
GlitterPrincess destiny writes in the accompanying notecard: “To capture the soul of emotions ……. subject soul and deep thoughts. This is my goal as a artist + photographer in SL“. You can also look up GlitterPrincess Destiny’s flickr page.

Zia Branner designed her box at La Maison d’Aneli as a warehouse with two floors. Zia is in Second Life for almost 13 years. She brought her RL paintings to SL. The paintings are mostly quite large and colourful, most of them are abstract, some are showing landscapes that have been coloured. From the accompanying notecard I have the following information:
Zia Branner had many drawing and painting art lessons at official institutes RL. She is also autodidact on things that did not come along in class. To her making art is a way of life. Often experimenting with techniques as a learning process. Most of the times she paints on canvas, but she also paints on wood and paper. Zia believes that “making art is rebellion against the finiteness of life“. The most important thing to her is that it makes her happy to see others enjoy her art as much as she loves creating it.
If you are interested in her art you can look up Zia Branner’s website. I do have a weakness for colourful art and hence I enjoyed the visit to her skybox.

Talixa is a new-media artist and in Second Life for over 5 year. She “examines the impact of new technologies on human identities and social connections. In the project shown at La Masion d’Aneli she examines how an AI facial recognition algorithm detects her own face when it is disguised by different digital filters. The algorithms used in this project is an off-the-shelf model, freely available on the GitHub community. The facial filters used in this installation are all freely available on Snap-Chat and were created by talented Snap-Chat artists: Sarah Mayer, jp pirie, Hiral Parekh, Jason Porter, agreeable greg, Joshua Keeney and Stencil Profane.

The skybox is filled with the pictures of Talixa’s face, levitating freely in the room, vanishing, appearing and turning, so that it is hard to focus on on face only – but the machine can. While it is funny to see the filters and what the AI recognizes, it is also scaring (me at least).

Hello and welcome into my world of Second Life art“, writes Anja (neobookie) in the accompanying notecard to her part of the exhibtion at La Maison d’Aneli. “I’m a Dutchie who likes to create, discover and explore the creativity inworld. I discovered the magic of making photographs and invite you, by my art, to join me on my trip. My exhibit is an attempt to create the story of myself as I walk Second Life and experience the world and dreams the surround us all. My thoughts turned into reflections of what I feel in both 2d landscapes and “NEOBOXES”

I like Anja’s art and the quotes on the walls of her exhibtion, that fit with the art showcased: “How far you go has nothing to do with distance” or “How deep you go has nothing to do with thinking at most with a will“. Anja presents quite elaborated 3D objects. Her pictures, taken within Second Life, prove a eye for the detail. I enjoyed my visit to Anja’s box.
If you want to see more of her art have a look at Anja (neobookie)’s flickr page.

Sasha (arivalhagan) is in Second Life for more than 7 years. She writes about herself in the accompanying notecard: “My personal acronym: NAA – Not An Artist! I think being an artist is one of the pinnacles of an existence. I don’t think I’ve reached it. That said, I do like photography a lot. The principle of my exhibition is very simple: to allow you to feel you are being seen. Not necessarily watched, but considered, questioned, appreciated, desired, questioned, loved, admired … And then let you imagine what stories are hidden behind all these glances less simple than they appear at first glance

Her skybox at La Maison d’Aneli is filled with pictures taken in Second Life, processed to enhance them. Many of the pictures are portraits, some show the whole avatar. Sasha always succeeds to make her pictures an eye-catcher, to make them tell a story, just as she wrote in the notecard. But I won’t call her an artist *winks*. Her art can also be seen at Sasha (arivalhagan)’s flickr page.

Shoshisn Shilova is another SL veteran with over 13 years in Second Life. I like the motto in her or his profile: “Reality is for those of you who can’t handle fiction“. Shoshisn uses male and female avatar shapes, which fits to the motto!
At Shoshisn’s space at La Masion d’Aneli almost all walls are covered with pictures, one wall is used to present 3D sulptures. The pictures cover a broad variety of art, erotic, fantasy, objects, scenes. This is also fitting to the above motto. There are many pictures and it was not that easy to decide which ones to take for this blog entry – but I got it done.
Her or his art can also be seen at Shoshisn Shilova’s flickr page.

Françoise Waroux is an RL artist. Here’s an excerpt of the text in the accompanying notecard: “From a childhood marked by several stays in Africa I kept the taste of the great outdoors, the light and colors. I have always collected flowers, branches, seeds, shells, feathers, pebbles for their beauty and for the pleasure of holding them in my hands. I started with collages, but the collages are fragile, difficult to transport and resist poorly time, the branches and shells break, the leaves and flowers lose their color… So I turned to photography to keep my collages intact. I enlarge or light a detail or a hidden side of an object or landscape, or on the contrary, I strip it to preserve only the characteristics that I feel as essential. I play with shapes, colors, light and proportions for bold, colorful and very original creations that sometimes surprise me myself. Each image is unique.

I couldn’t write it any better. The pictures are colourful and unique, yet I hadn’t thought that they were based on collages of flowers and branches and other stuff. Well done!
The avatar holding the ownership of the showcased pictures is Jeff (legrandjeff). To see more or to contact look up Françoise Waroux’ website.

NicoleX Moonwall is in Second Life for more than 11 years. She’s one of the outstanding machinama film-makers in Second Life. Filming in SL and RL since 2011, she has over 900 films that illustrate her unique style of filming, with sweeping long takes and little or no editing, on YouTube and Vimeo. She has received international recognition and has participated in over 150 film festivals around the world. For more information look at NicoleX’s website.
NicoleX’s installation at La Maison d’Aneli wasn’t finished yet, when I visited the first time. I visited it at the opening again. It’s quite difficult to interpret or understand this installation. It is a 3D artwork, a bit like a snippet of a nightmare involving Jesus Christ a bunny head, blocks and a loo. It looks different depending on the viewing angle and the Christ cross and the bunny head are connected, energy is flowing. Jesus Christ has a bunny head by the way …. I fail interpreting it.

La Maison d’Aneli is owned by Aneli Abeyante. Through her gallery she brings together all forms of creativity in RL and SL and the featured artists come from around the globe. Aneli’s intention is to “put her gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles.
Thank you for another great joined exhibtion, Aneli. As always I enjoyed my visit and writing about it. It always inspires me.

Landmark to La Maison d’Aneli
Kuervo on facebook
GlitterPrincess Destiny’s flickr page
Zia Branner’s website
Anja (neobookie)’s flickr page
Sasha (arivalhagan)’s flickr page
Shoshisn Shilova’s flickr page
Françoise Waroux’ website
NicoleX Moonwall’s website

Art in Second Life 2021 (3) Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple

One year ago I came across the art of Milly Sharple the first time when I saw her work at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). I visited her own art gallery soon after and reported about it (read here).
I learned that Milly is also a talented sim builder and creator and makes her own Christmas installation every year. It is called “Let it snow! A Winter Wonderland” and I visited it in 2019 (read here) and in 2020 (read here). When I talked with Milly about her recent Christmas installation, she told me that she moved her own art gallery and added new artwork. I visited Milly’s gallery “Fractal Insanity” on Sunday, December 27th, 2020.

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (1)

Fractal Insanity is a large building in a skybox. It extends over three floor and showcases the broad variety of Milly’s art. The floors and rooms are sorted by theme that range from classic fractal art over mixtures of pictures of avatars with fractals to pictures taken in real life and processed into oil paintings.

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (2)

The themes vary from portraits to animals, particular cats. One theme is common: “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength”

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (3)

There are rooms with animated art. I love this kind of art as the captured picture is a peice of art in itself and hardly reproducible. Milly also played with styles and there’s a corner with pictures that have an Asian touch.

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (4)

Once again Milly’s art impressed me, this time in particular the broad variety of her artistic work. Scattered on all floors you will also see her 3D art, her sculptures. One of these, called “Humantree” is also at our home.

Milly Sharple is an artist and photographer from the UK in real life and has always enjoyed art and artistic expression. She’s in Second Life since 2008 and was perhaps one of the pioneers in introducing fractal art to Second Life.

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (5)

I enjoyed my visit to “Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple“, it was just the perfect activity for a Sunday morning. Have a look around yourself. Milly also provides some gifts, but they are limited in mumber. I grabbed one and will look to find a nice place for it at our home. Molly told me later, that the gifts change every month and if you join her group you even get a notice when a new gift is up. The gallery is a steady work in progress, hence new pictures are added every once in a while.
Thank you for your art, Milly!

Landmark to Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple

Art in Second Life 2021 (2) Nils Urqhart – A Winter Tale 2020

I got an invitation from Nils Urqhart to see his newest exhibition “A Winter Tale 2020” at his own gallery, the Art Gallery Rill’Arts. It is Nils Urqharts 100th (!) exhibtion in Second Life since 2010.

“A Winter Tale 2020” by Nils Urqhart at Art Gallery Rill’Arts (1)

I came across Nils just a few weeks ago at La Maison d’Aneli joined exhibtion of December (read here). The Art Gallery Rill’Arts is a 3 story gallery in a classic building. Outside of the building is an ice rink and a Christmas market with quite some stands. At the stands you find examples of the artwork of 16 other artists that are active in Second Life, quite some of them have been covered in this blog already, namely: Abby Fairlady (Abby Burner), Adwehe, Arty, Bonach Ireton, Duna Gant, Hana Hoobinoo (CybeleMoon), Klaus Bereznyak, Mareea Farrasco, Marylin Breen, Natas Janus, Nils Urqhart, PrettyMiracle, Sisi Biedermann, viktorsavior, Vita Theas and Xirana Oximoxi. Some of the stands offer also gifts.

The Christmas Market next to Art Gallery Rill’Arts

“A Winter Tale 2020” is an exhibition with 50 Real Life pictures taken in the French mountains. They have never been showcased in Second Life so far. The ground floor of Art Gallery Rill’Arts is dedicated to pictures of forests and becks in Winter. The 2nd and 3rd floor are dedicated to pictures taken in higher Mountain areas. Some of them reminded me of the views I get when I drive ski in the alpes (well not this season though for known reasons).

“A Winter Tale 2020” by Nils Urqhart at Art Gallery Rill’Arts (2)

Nils Urqhart (Paul Maurice in RL) is a French landscape photographer in RL. He takes his photos mainly in French Alps and other French mountains (Vosges, Jura, Bugey, Aubrac…). And even if I didn’t come across him so far yet, he has a lot of exhibitions in different SL galleries every year. Nils is in SL since December 2007. Since 2010, his photos have been on display year-round at Art gallery Rill’Arts. Nils (or Paul in RL) has an own website where you can purchase his pictures to decorate you RL home.

“A Winter Tale 2020” by Nils Urqhart at Art Gallery Rill’Arts (3)

Nils was present during my visit on December 21st, 2020. He told me that the exhibition shall stay open to the public until March 2021. But the Christmas market will close on January 10th, hence you have to hurry to see it.
Thank you for your art, Nils. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Art Gallery Rill’Arts
Nils Urqhart (Paul Maurice in RL)’s website

Art in Second Life 2021 (1) Hidden Beauty – Group exhibition at DixMix Gallery

On Saturday, December 19th, 2020 a group exhibtion was opened at DixMix Gallery.

Hidden Beauty – Group exhibition at DixMix Gallery

The exhibition compromises ten pictures of ten artists, namely: Randonee Noel, Syn Huntress, Del May, Paola Mills, Wicca Merlin, Talloulah Warra, Megan Prumier, Amber Wild, Maloe Vansant and DixMix Source.
Some of these artists have benn covered already in this blog and I can recognize their style. Although ten artists have contributed there’s a common theme – Hidden Beauty.

Hidden Beauty – Group exhibition at DixMix Gallery: Randonee Noel – Darker Facets / Maloe Vansant – Habibi / DixMix Source – Syra No

Beauty might be hidden behind a veil, a mask (quite common in this day and age) or by hands. In either case the full beauty can still be recognized.

Hidden Beauty – Group exhibition at DixMix Gallery: Megan Prumier – Expectation / Del May – Tunnel

But beauty may also be the body of a pregnant woman and the really hidden baby, it might be the toddler, it might even be hidden behind a fantasy being made of steel and biological material. The exhibition radiates the power of beauty from ten different perspectives.

Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and for contributing at it. I enjoyed my visit. The Group exhibition “Hidden Beauty” will stay open until

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery 2020
DixMix Gallery website

Art in Second Life 2020 (85) Moki Yuitza – Geomorphism

I visited “Geomorphism”, an installation by Moki Yuitza at the art platform of DixMix Gallery.

Geomorphism is an art intallation using a lot of light effects. You should set your windlight to midnight for seeing it correctly. Geomorphism is set up in a cube. In the center is a big tree. All walls are covered with sort of geometrical forms – and they are permanently changing. The main light effect is in white and is topped with a kind of aurea borealis. Hence you get a lot of different impressions, depending where you look at, at what time, from what viewing angle.

Impressions of “Geomorphism” by Moki Yuitza at DixMix Gallery (1)

But there is more than that, there are several smaller trees that are decorated with spheres, there are flowers on the ground and grass …. and all is mainly in white. The light effects are amazing and my pictures have become an artwork themselves, unique, not reproducable.

Moki Yuita is in Second Life for over 12 years. I came across her twice so far. One time in 2019 when she was participating in an exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli (read here and one time when I visited an installation of her at LEA 19 “Hypercube – labyrinth of the mind” in 2018 (read here
Moki has had a log more exhibtions and installation, that I missed. Well you can see all in Second Life *winks*. Moki’s profile is full of installations of her that are gone in the meanwhile. The virtual world is even more short-lived than the physical world.

Impressions of “Geomorphism” by Moki Yuitza at DixMix Gallery (2)

I found this about Moki from a notecard for La Maison d’Aneli: “In RL I am an architect and in this metaverse I found the possibility to realize my idea of ​​space and my architectural fantasy, as well as to share it with other people.” That does fit to Geomorphism at DixMix Gallery as well.

Impressions of “Geomorphism” by Moki Yuitza at DixMix Gallery (3)

Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and for contributing to it, and last but not least thank you Moki Yuitza for your installation. I enjoyed my visit.
“Moki Yuitza – Geomorphism” will stay open for visitors at least until end of Jan 2021.

Landmark to DixMix Gallery
Moki Yuitza’s Flickr page

Art in Second Life 2020 (84) Barock by Caly Applewhyte

I visited the exhibtion “Barock by Caly Applewhyte” which was opened December 5th at the DixMix Gallery. The theme of Caly (Calypso Applewhyte)’s pictures in the room “Abby” is – surprise – Barock. The room itself is decorated with the luxury colour of this period – red. Dark red curtains at each side of each picture like a curtain being opened to showcase the art. Red lights at the red walls, a dark floor.

The pictures itself presents avatars, fantasy persons, not necessarily from that era, but with wild hairstyles and often colourful make-up. But they all are dressed according to Barock. And the paint has already become brittle like it does on old paintings. This combination is intriguing and invites to take a closer look to decide which effect is dominating in this or that painting.

examples from “Barock by Caly Applewhyte” at DixMix Gallery (1)

Caly (Calypso Applewhyte) is a SL Photographer from France, who joined SL in 2010. Her focus is the avatar itself as a means of expression to transport emotions. She processes her pictures with Photoshop. I have seen her work already a few times and you can recognise her style, she has found her personal characteristic artistic style. Her pictures do tell stories, like good art has to do.
According to her profile Caly also blogs and has written articles for several magazines. And she also make portrait pictures of course. You can see her work also on her flickr account.

examples from “Barock by Caly Applewhyte” at DixMix Gallery (2)

Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and for contributing to it, and last but not least thank you Caly Applewhyte for your pictures. I enjoyed my visit.
“Barock by Caly Applewhyte” will stay open for visitors until Jan 15th.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery 2020
Caly Applewhyte’s flickr

Art in Second Life 2020 (83) “Spirals and Metaspirals – An exploration by Simulat Almendros”

I visited “Spirals and Metaspirals – An exploration by Simulat Almendros” at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF).
No surprise the exhibtion is about spirals :-). Right next to the entrance you find a board with two links. One leads ot a video, the other to an article. I watched the short video by Martin Hunt about spirals first. In a little bit less than 4 minutes I understood the difference between a spiral and a metaspiral and I got an idea how the exhibited spirals were generated. The article goes a bit further into details. I recommend to have a look at the video and the article before looking at all the exhibits.

“Spirals and Metaspirals – An exploration by Simulat Almendros” at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) (1)

On another board close to the entrance Simulat Almendros explains the exhibtion like this:
This exhibition explores the visusal potential of a certain sort of spiral that I call Fibonacci Spiral.
There are an infinite number of these spirals. Natural selection explored those possibilities and found one that is biologically useful.
Flowers like daisies or sunflowers have a particular Fibonacci Spiral at their centers. The spiral is a pattern of florets that become seeds. Each floret is placed by a balance of hormones and the result is a packing of florets that is about as dense as is possible yet giving each floret the same amount of resources.

“Spirals and Metaspirals – An exploration by Simulat Almendros” at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) (2)

The showcased spirals are beautiful and it is facinating to learn how they were done. Each of them were generated by quite simple mathematical formulars. Leaving out some lines or dots, colouring them in a certain predefined way creates more and more complex patterns that are real eye candies.

Along your way through the exhibtion you follow Simulat Amendros exploration.

“Spirals and Metaspirals – An exploration by Simulat Almendros” at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) (3)

I never heard about Simulat Almendros before. Simulat is in SL for almost 14 years. He’s an artist and displays his work at two galleries. In the 1st life tab of his profile he describes himself with the tags: “Computer art, philosophizing Web, graphic arts programming, simulations

Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) is owned by Hannington Xeltentat. Thank you Hannington for providing the space for the art and for enabling “Spirals and Metaspirals – An exploration by Simulat Almendros”. I enjoyed my visit – and learned something new.

Landmark to HAF “The Hannington Arts Foundation at Xeltentat Enterprises”
A video about spirals:
An illustrated essay about spirals

Art in Scond Life 2020 (82) Not Square by nekonuko Nakamori

On Saturday, November 28th, the exhibtion “Not Square” by nekonuko Nakamori was opened at the Black Pavillion of the Itakos Art Gallery. I visited the exhibtion on Monday, November 30th.
Not Square” seems to be a strange title, that alone tempted me to visit just to learn more about it. In addition I haven’t heard about nekonuko Nakamori before.

The exhibtion is quite large and what caught my eyes was that the showcased pictures are quite large and …. no surprise, not square. Quite close to the entrance is just one sigle squared picture, the one that is also used in the center of the exhibtion poster. The squared picture at the exhibition provides a notecard with a little bit more information:

NOT SQUARE by nekonuko Nakamori
If you know what I mean, all my Flickr pics are just square. I love that format so much. But sometimes there is definitely a voice in my heart that wants to be wider more. This time, Akim has given me a opportunity of a new challenge. So, I discovered new enjoyment for creating works, and had a great experience.

Of course I now had a look at nekonuko’ Flickr page first. And yes all of her pictures published there are squared. They all show impressions of nekonuku’s tours through the wide universe of Second Life. The pictures have one in common, they all show nekonuku herself, be it as a portrait or just as a dot in a wide and broad environment. Seeing many of the squared pictures you get a feeling of nekonuku’s very own style of pictures.

a snapshot from nekonuko’ Flickr page

Back to the exhibition “Not Square” at the Itakos Art Gallery. nekonuku has not just left her favourite format a little bit. No, the pictures are really wide or high. And that extends the view. In the wide pictures the landscape looks almost endless, and nekonuku shrinks to a dot admiring the world around her pictures. The some effect can be seen in a picture where she walks along bit boards in the town.

Impressions of Not Square by nekonuko Nakamori at The Itakos Art Gallery (1)

The high formats a selfies and here nekonuku plays with the format, never showing her body and face completely.

Impressions of Not Square by nekonuko Nakamori at The Itakos Art Gallery (2)

As mentioned above, I never came across nekundo so far. Her artful pictures did touch me and made me get deeper into them, looking longer at them, made me spin some stories they could possible tell. Well done, great work.

The Itakos Art Gallery is owned and curated by Akim Alonzo. Actually it is a place for arts with 7 exhibition rooms or pavillons: White, Black, Grey, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green Pavillion. There’s also a website where new exhibtions are announced.
Thank you Akim for enabling the exhibition “Not Square” by nekonuko Nakamori. Thank you nekondo for your art.
I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Itakos Art Gallery BLACK Pavilion
The Itakos Project and Art Gallery website
nekonuko Nakamori’s Flickr page

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