Simploring 2020 (33) MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar

I visited MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar after I got a friendly invitation from Franz Markstein: “After “Otium” (read here), “The island that is not there” (read here) and some other sims, I would like to introduce you to the last island that I had fun doing.

MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar – overview

MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar is built on a half moderate homestead and owned and created by Franz Markstein. The landmark description contains the tags: “Cafe Relax Lounge Bar Coffee Chillout Ocean View Music Hangout Beach Sail Art Photography Friendship Chat Sailing Regattas Explore Black Sea”

MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar – a look inside

MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar is a place to met with friends or to simply chill. It consists of a beach, a large building where you from the Coffee & Lounge Bar, a connected residential home wiht 3 fully furnished room, that are publicly accessible and a pier with a large sailing yacht.

MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar – the 2nd Floor / the patio connecting the building parts / inside the residential wing

The club itself is very stylish and inviting for a stay. There’s also a 2nd floor in the Coffee & Lounge Bar from where you have a great look outside. Also the rooms of the connected residential part of the building are designed with love for the detail. I liked in particular the messy room – what looks messy in Second Life is always placed with great care as opposed to real life *winks*

MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar – some more impressions

A really nice place to hang out! Thank you Franz for creating and for sharing with the public.

Landmark to MEDITERRANEO Coffee & Lounge Bar

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