Simploring 2020 (38) Devils Bend National Park

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, April 28th, I selected Devils Bend National Park from SL Destinations. The entry referred to a post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Devil’s Bend National Park” (in German), which I read before I visited. Maddy had already done a little bit of research so that I don’t have to do that myself.

Devils Bend National Park (DBNP) is a fictional National Park. The sim (a full moderate region) is owned by Aiden Caudron, the landmark description consists of the tags: “forest, exploring, explore, hiking, trail, fun, family, rp, roleplay, fun, good time, szym, pro street

Devils Bend National Park – overview

The landing is in a visitor center with some exhibits like a car and a necklace owned by the Nornberg family, most probably a ficitional family, who know? From the outside the visitor center looks quite real and the whole sim, the signs, the park rangers and all detail provide the feeling of being in a National Park somewhere in the US.

Impressions of Devils Bend National Park (1) – in and at the visitor center

I followed the big road as well as the paths and crossed several bridges. The mountain has a tunnel system and at least one cave, the roads and the paths are on different levels and you can easily get lost. What else? I came across several residential houses and huts at DBNP and some of them can be rented. And I went to the only cafe at DBNP. Have a look inside, it is nicely furnished.

Impressions of Devils Bend National Park (2) – “stay on markes paths”

Impressions of Devils Bend National Park (3) – the café and one of the residential houses

Of course I also went to the broken bridge. It is not easy to get there as the road is blocked by a crashed bus. Curios as I am I found a way around and went to the bridge … yet there’s nothing really to see.

Impressions of Devils Bend National Park (4) – the broken bridge / “practice social distancing”

Devils Bend National Park offers a lot of nature, nice trails to hike and a lot of nice views and of course it is a great place to take picture. I liked that DBNP makes you literally feel like visiting a NP, even the road signs are fitting to today’s reality: “Practise Social Distancing”.

I had fun exploring and taking pictures. Thank you Aiden Caudron for creating and sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Devils Bend National Park
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Devil’s Bend National Park”

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