Art in Second Life 2020 (31) Elephants by Cica Ghost

Sunday, May 31st, I got an invitation to visit Cica Ghost’s newest installation “Elephants by Cica Ghost“. I went over there on the spot and met Cica at the landing point. While talking with her I already saw the elephants. Of course, huge elephants. Animals in Cica’s worlds are always very big and they all have big eyes – so do her elephants.

The scenery is bathed in black and green tones, the ground is dark and looks a bit like water at night, inbetween are many hills and islands. You see forests but there’re no leaves, no branches, just trunks. And that fits to Cica’s funny landmark description:
Q. What do a tree and an elephant have in common?
A. A trunk.

Impressions of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (1) – overviews (left) / Dio meets Cica at the Landing Point / Diomita on the trunk of an elephants

It was not easy to take an overview picture of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” as changing the windlight did not have the desired effect and just zooming out was way to dark. Finally I succeeded with two overview pictures and then I started my tour. And I had fun! You will find 3 “Cica-ish” huts, way to small for an elephant to live in. You can use a swing in one hut, sit with two people in another hut and the third hut is Cica’s “Elephant Store”. There are nine different elephants that you can purchase as your personal souvenir.

Next to the store is a tall trunk and you can walk up to the top. From there you have a nice look over “Elephants by Cica Ghost” and you don’t need to use any tricks to get the overiew another way *winks”.

Impressions of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (2) – the view from the tall trunk / Cica’s elephant store

On my way to the above mentioned tall trunk I walked into a field of high grass or plants, higher than a normal avatar and I can tell that I almost lost the orientation in it. Don’t miss to have a more detailed look at the grass-like plants. You can discover other elements like stars, snails, spirals and snakes. Of course I also tried to find Cica’s cat. And this time Cica has smuggeled in a cat again. You find in the hut where two people can sit in.

Impressions of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (3) – admist the tall green plants / Cica’s cat

Don’t miss having a close look at all the elephants. They are really the stars in Cica’s installation. You can sit on them and those who I tried to sit on have 2 poses, one on the elephants schoulder and one on their trunk. In the middle of the installation is a hill with two trunks to sit on. These over 3 poses: one sit, one lay and one dance pose… and there’s another animal that found it’s way into “Elephants by Cica Ghost” – a parrot.

Impressions of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (4) – Diomita enjoying Cica’s world

Cica did conjure a smile on my face with her newest installation, she always succeeds to make me smile. Thank you Cica! I just love your elephants (and the cat of course!).
Don’t miss riding Cica’s elephants!

Landmark to Elephants by Cica Ghost

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