Simploring 2020 (47) Paracosm

I saw a picture of Paracosm on SL Destinations. The landmark description tempted me: “Paracosm is a D/s sim for immersionist dominance and submission, a platform for SL users who wish to facilitate the expression of our first life selves and meet others. Realplay, not roleplay.
Hence I went there spontaneously, Thursday, July 2nd, late morning.

Paracosm – A detailed fantasy world – overview and orientation map

I didn’t know what Paracosm is and looked it up on wikipedia: “A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world. Paracosms are thought generally to originate in childhood and to have one or numerous creators. The creator of a paracosm has a complex and deeply felt relationship with this subjective universe, which may incorporate real-world or imaginary characters and conventions

Impressions of Paracosm (1): The manor and the town (lower right)

Paracosm is run by a team, Sliye is the caretaker and the owner of Paracosm. It is not the more common D/s sim with places to stand & model or with lots of gear and dungeons. Paracosm is a place for Immersionist SL users who empathise with their avatars. That said, mutual respect is expected at Paracosm and there is no strict hierarchy nor are there house slaves available for everybody’s use. All is based on mutual respect as it is in a D/s relation in RL. Paracosm is intented to provide a place to immerse into a D/s world yet free of the fear of being a simple sex toy or object.

Paracosm – A detailed fantasy world: Diomita at the board starting the hunt

I had the pleasure to meet Sliye who welcomed me and she advised to do the Paracosm hunt to get familar with the sim. To attend the hunt you have to take a HUD and search little piles of acorn. You get a starting clue. Find and click each of the piles of acorns hidden sneakily around the sim to receive one digit of a pass code and the clue where to find the next pile. When you are finished you have to return to the start board and with the passcode you can open the chest with the prize. Sounds easy – is easy.

Impressions of Paracosm (2) – Smutsmith’s cottage (upper left) / at the lagoon (lower left) / the Asian garden (upper and lower right)

Yet the hunt didn’t take just 15 minutes. I spent over an hour searching the piles of acorn. The hunt has the side effect, that you explore and discover Paracosm. It is a beautiful setting, offers nice clubs with style, great D/s gear – but nothing to obvious. All fits, all has style. I simply enjoyed exploring and trying out one or the other piece of furniture.

Impressions of Paracosm (3) – classroom (upper left) / Noveau Club (upper right) / Diomita at the ballet school (Companion Guild) (lower left and right)

There is a bit for everybody: a classroom, a ballet school, a dungeon, a beach, a ballroom, a scifi bunker and many nice places an stylish furnished rooms. I really enjoyed my visit. It’s quite probable that is was not my last visit. Thank you Sliye and the whole team for Paracosm!

Landmark to Paracosm

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