Simploring 2020 (49) Mimmo

For my short simploring tour on Friday, June 26th, I picked Mimmo from SL Destinations.

Mimmo is an adult homestead, the landmark description is short but very precise:
Photogenic spots. Beautiful stream, take photographs, explore, collaborate – Hang out. RENTALS Available!

Mimmo – orientation map and overview

Mimmo is group owned, founder of the group is Eli (Elise Sirnah), who is partly owning Mimmo. I couldn’t find out, who else is owning Mimmo.

Impressions of Mimmo (1) – at the landing / community area

The landing at Mimmo is quite at the highest point on a high plateau next to a fence area with an exhibition. It looks like there was a photo contest just recently. From the exhibition area stairs and a road leads to the open community area with places to sit and chat, a big open house, more places to sit, several huts and a really nice oldtimer that offers poses for photographers.

Impressions of Mimmo (2) – community area

Impressions of Mimmo (3) – the oldtimer / fish&chips stand / one of the many spots to sit

I saw 4 residential houses for rent, three of them are a bit apart from the mainland and hence offer privacy. The rest of the sim is public and provides many lovely spots to sit and cuddle or to take pictures for example at the fish&chips stand or at the painter’s hut on the beach.

Impressions of Mimmo (4) – fish&chips stand / residential houses

Mimmo is just what the description promises – a beautiful home that offers many photogenic and romantic spots. It’s just a joy to wander around and to explore it. The concept with the large community area and the seperated residential houses is not unusual but the rental area and space is much smaller than the public area. The focus of Mimmo is clearly not business. At the time I visited, there was at least one house available.

Impressions of Mimmo (5) – more romantic spots / the painter’s hut at the beach

I enjoyed my short tour. Thank you, Eli for providing this sim to the public.
REMARK: Graice Shade Keela (graice2) is the other owner of the sim as Eli told me after this post was published.

Landmark to Mimmo

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