Art in Second Life 2020 (49) Monsters by Cica Ghost

When I returned from my short off time, I found an invitation from Cica Chost in my messages. She had opened a new installation called “Monsters by Cica Ghost” on Friday August 7th.

I went there Saturday late afternoon and met Cica at the landing point next to one of her monsters. As monsters should be, they are all very tall. And in Second Life they are very real, hence the sentence that Cica is giving us on our way exploring: “Monsters are real, ghosts are real too.
You are asked to use the regional windlight (I did) and to switch on advanced lighting with activated shadows from sun/moon and projectors (I did as well).

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (1)

The monsters are not only really tall, they are ugly on a first view and I didn’t find any two which look alike. I didn’t count them but there must be more than 20 different monsters at least. Some look like dinosaurs, others have their eyes in their tentacles, some have 4 arms and 2 legs, others only legs, some look like octopussies, some have big noses, others a more or less a square face…. What they have in common are the Cica-ish big eyes that roll and seem to watch you. After a while they become your friend and at least I found all of them being nice and peaceful.

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (2)

Did I mention that they all are very tall? I think I did. If you take a closer look at the pictures that I took you might see me.. I’m the small one at the feet of the monsters *winks*. There are several buildings, or should I say open rooms. They are all built on poles and ladders or ramps lead up to them. In the rooms / or platforms you find scenes. The monsters live in these rooms. One sits on the edge and is fishing, others just look around, and a few listen to a girl that reads in a book. The girl is also very tall.

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (3)

And what about the cat? I didn’t find it at first and asked Cica if there’s a cat and she confirmed there is a cat and that it is hiding. I won’t reveal where it is but I took a picture and you should easily find it. I didn’t find any Cica-mobil this time, nor any Cica-aircraft, nor did I find any monster where I could sit on (or dance on it’s head). But there are several opportunities to sit and watch, be it a bench close to a monster or a chair in the “rooms”.

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (4)

Again you can purchase the monsters. There is a big monster shop with all the different types. The ones I looked at cost 350 L and use up 5 prims (at a size of about twice of my own size).
I had fun visiting as always. And as always Cica’s beings made me smile, allowed me an escape from reality into pure fantasy. Thank you Cica!

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (5)

We never know how long Cica keeps her installations open. It might be 2 weeks .. or 4 .. or longer. You should have a look if you’re up to seeing some monsters.

Landmark to Monsters by Cica Ghost

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