Simploring 2020 (55) Chapel Imagination

For my simploring tour on Saturday, August 1st, I picked Chapel Imagination from SL Destinations. The entry led me to another “Simtipp” from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Chapel Imagination” (in German).

Chapel Imagination is a moderate homestead designed and owned by ARNICAR India. The landmark description consists of a poem who’s author is not named:
i´m quiet. / it´s because i have / so much to say. / but i just / don´t / know / how / to say it.

Chapel Imagination is the successor of another sim by ARNICAR India named “Lighthouse Imagination”, which has been closed. I didn’t see it though.
Chapel Imagination is formed like a cross and the landing is in the center of the cross under a huge tree. On all four flanks of the cross you find ruins of churches or chapels quite completely overgrown by plant and tree. At the landing point you are close to a group of cranes. You fing more of them an the sim.

Chapel Imagination – overview and landing point

I started my visit with the ruin that I named “Wedding Chapel” in my little overview map. I choose this name as inside you find a wedding dress, ready to be worn. You also find some places to sit. The nature and the atmosphere is quite peacful yet a bit melancholic. Right outside of the wedding chapel is the before mentioned group of cranes and I took a picture of one couple. For my pictures I used “Annan Adored Dusty” and “Annan Adore Realistic”. I personally like the dusty pictures more as this windlight fits better to the atmosphere in my opinion.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (1) – the “wedding chapel”

I walked over to one of the short flanks. The ruins there are also overgrown. In the center is a fountain, with a ficure watering flowers. The chapel ruin seems to be used as an artist atelier. You find a photo camera, a screen, several frames, a picture and places to sit there.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (2) – the “fountain”

Walking back to the center and heading towards the other long flank, I sound another hint for a wedding. Another dressing dress and wedding suit besides a table with two doves. I won’t try to interpret what I saw, but for sure Chapel Imagination is a romantic place. Walking through a hallway of arches you come to the next chapel ruin – with 2 giraffes in the center of it. The giraffes look a bit misplaced at the first glance.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (3) – the “giraffes” and the “fantasy pier”

Walking further you get to a wooden pier. There’s a boat with a couple, flying fishes, blooming flowers and a lighthouse at the horizont. Because of the giraffes and the flying fishes, the bubbles and light particles, the figure of a man with an umbrella I named the pier “Fantasy pier”. It is a mixture of fantasy and surrealism, yet nonetheless a lovely place to be.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (4) – the “fantasy pier”

I went on to see the second short flank. On my way I came across another crane couple. Chapel Imagination seems to be their place for romance. I named the second short flank “The nuns” as in its center is a group of nuns walking in a circle and most likely praying. You hear bells. There’s also a monk who watches the nuns. And there’s a candle table where you can light a candle for a loved one. What surprised me is that either one the nuns or the maid who is scrubbing the floor next to the nuns whispers “shit” every once in a while *shakes her head “cursing at a place like this”
Again you also find nice spots to sit and dream an I used one of them to take a break.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (5) – “the nuns”

Chapel Imagination is a romantic place, a fantasy, a place with many symbols and I’m sure that ARNICAR could tell stories about the different scenes and what they mean for her, which story they tell. As a visitor without this knowlege, I just enjoyed the peace and the great background for taking pictures. I do like the loving cranes, that I didn’t see before in Second Life. The sim surround, that Maddy mentioned in his blogpost, was gone when I visited.
Thank you ARNICAR for providing your place to the public. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Chapel Imagination
Flickr Group
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Chapel Imagination”

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