Simploring 2020 (56) Grauland – Summer 2020

For my simploring tour on Sunday, August 16th, I picked once again “Grauland” from SL Destinations. I had visited Grauland the first time in Summer 2019 (read here), then again in February 2020 (read here). What I saw at SL Destinations indicated that the sim has changed again.
Grauland is an adult homestead owned by JimGarand. He runs a shop for poses (M-1 Art Poses) in the skies above the sim. You can reach the shop by a teleporter right next to the landing. Jim seems to change Grauland quite regularly.

This time Grauland is something totally different. It is a half island used as a bi- or even trimodal logistic center. The landing is on a beach, next to a beach volleyball field. Not far away is a motel. The rooms are furnished. Well, it looks as this motel has had its best days already, yet the pool behind the motel is quite nice and there seem to be at least 2 rooms occupied as cars park in front of them.

Impressions of Grauland in Summer 2020 (1) – Beach volleyball and motel near to the landing point

I explored the beach first. There’s a long promenade with 3 art objects: “Marching On Sculpture” by JimGarand, “Angel” by Wiona (dx61005) and “Tiki Head Statuette” by ChiMia (chimiastore). The art is a bit out of place with the long wall of the logisitc center with all its graffiti as a background. But then it makes it even more outstanding. The beach is nice and invited to take a bath in the sun.

Impressions of Grauland in Summer 2020 (2) – Art promenade and beach

I visited the little event area on a wooden platform not far from the landing and then went towards the logistic center. On my way I came across a scrapyard – and saw more graffiti.

Impressions of Grauland in Summer 2020 (3) – Event platform and scrapyard

The logistic center is for road and railroad transport. Both can be loaded at the center, goods can be stored in the storehouses. There are two large tanks for fluid goods, maybe petrol at the logistic center. The railroad and the trucks transport the goods away from the center through seperate tunnels. A bit aside is a pier and a ramp. There’s no ship but it looks as if goods could also be transported with ships, making the logistic center not only bimodal but trimodal.
Again I admired some graffiti, this time on a railroad waggon.

Impressions of Grauland in Summer 2020 (4) – The bi- or trimodal logisitic center

Besides the beach, there’s still more to explore and enjoy at Grauland. There’s a lighthouse and the house next to it is furnished. On its porch you can sit and enjoy the view over the sea and the beach. I also had some fun using the jet ski, that can be rezzed at the beach again quite close to the landing. And I dared to speed along the concrete bricks protecting the shore.

Impressions of Grauland in Summer 2020 (5) – Diomita enjoying the Summer

Grauland offers some different backgrounds for taking pictures, it offers fun (jet ski for example) and the combination of beaches and a logistic center is quite outstanding. Once again I enjoy my visit.
I appreciate it a lot when shop owners combine their business with a place to visit. Thank you Jim for creating this place and sharing it publicly.

Landmark to Grauland

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