Simploring 2020 (63) Arkon

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, August 25th, I picked Arkon from SL Destinations. The entry was based on a picture published on fickr and showed two zebras. It tempted me as the picture promised something very different compared to my usual simploring tours,

Arkon is a moderate homestead owned by Atlan (Atlan Bade) and Stella (Stellastern7) and is their home.

Arkon overiew and orientation map / around the landing point

The landing is admist some animals, the ground is dry and sandy, the selected windlight with a clear sky and red tones provides the feeling of heat. As can be seen on the overview picture of Arkon, it is a quite flat island, two smaller islands are located at the shore. Right at the landing point I saw an ostrich and two rhinos.

I first went to one of the smaller islands. You get wet feet going there but you can do it on foot as a sandbank connects the island with the main island. There’re two simple single round huts, and an African man sitting at a campfire. I like the use of these static non-player characters (NPCs) as they liven up the secenery. Some chicken run around on the island and you can hear them gaggle. That’s why I named this island “Chicken island” in the overview picture.

Impressions of Arkon (1) chicken island / elephants / the waterfall

I went back to the main island and to visited the waterfall next. Two Elefants enjoy the water and one of them is blowing out the water trough it’s trunk, perfect for a picture. At the waterfall I noticed a statue integrated into the waterfall, that holds a bowl in its hand from which the water pours into the fall.

There’re some more oddities, like the little teddy bear close the the waterfalls, which certainly doesn’t belong into the scene. And even more I smiled seeing Yoda from Star wars at the waterfall – funny.

Impressions of Arkon (2) Yoda, the tree house and the Arkon Fashion store hut

I had a look at the tree house and walked to the only house at Arkon. Again a science fiction figure guards this house. Inside is Atlan (Atlan Bade) and Stella (Stellastern7)’s fashion store, named Arkon Fashion.

Time for a Safari. I walked back towards the landing point and watched animals. There are many and quite some of them are moving around. I noticed an elephant with two seats on its back and tried to sit on it. YAY. I continued my simploring tour riding this elephant. I saw Zebras, giraffes, hippos, apes and African buffalos. And I had fun!

Impressions of Arkon (3) Diomita’s Safari

The second island holds a particular suprise – a lion who watches the surrounding from the top of a rock. The Lion moves and roars and tries to catch a vulture that flies around its head. Another NPC livens up the scene, a photographer taking pcitures of the lion – just like I did. If you have a closer look you can also see an hyaena at the foot of the rock. A really amazing scene! at the end of my simploring tour I came across another piece of art at the shores of Arkon – a statue holding the globe on his shoulder.

Impressions of Arkon (4) The lion island and Atlas holding the globe on his shoulders

During my visit I noticed two teleport pads, one of them is close to the landing point, another is in the Arkon Fashion store. The teleporter leads to 4 more destinations in the skies of Arkon: Arkon Space, Lights of Arkon, Blue Tinkler, Time of Music. I had a quick look a all of them, but I ran out of time for a more detailled look. But the “Blue Tinkler” is fun – you become a dwarf there and get a new perspective for a normal room.

Impressions of Arkon (5) More destinations – Time of Music (upper left), Lights of Arkon (lower left) and Blue Tinkler (upper and lower right)

Arkon offers particular backgrounds for taking pictures, it is fun to explore with its oddities (and I’m sure there’re many more that I just didn’t see yet) and it is for people who want to immerse into the African fauna. Thank you very much, Atlan and Stella, for providing your home publicly. I appreciate it a lot when shop owners give something back to the community by creating a nice place around their store. I had a great time at Arkon.

Landmark to Arkon
Arkon flickr
Arkon Fashion on SL Marketplace

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