Art in Second Life 2020 (65) Political Caricatures by Sophie Marie Sinclair

I got an inviatiation for the openening of a new exhibition of Sophie Marie Sinclair (perpetua1010) at her own SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre, Gallery 3, on Friday October 9th. I went there Saturday, October 10th.

Sophie Marie Sinclair is a RL painter and book author. She mainly paints nude from models and abstract art. She loves to experiment with different kind of paint and lithography. She has made several book illustrations and was for many years political cartoonist for a well known satire magazine. She lived and worked in the Unites States, Australia, Rome and Monaco.” (taken from the notecard I got at the Extempore Gallery and Lounge)

Political Caricatures is a quite small exhibtion with 6 double caricatures, all similar in style. They show:
Johannes Adam Ferdinand Alois Josef Maria Marco d’Aviano Pius Fürst von und zu Liechtenstein, Silvio Berlusconi, Angela Merkel, Gaddafi, Barak Obama and Queen Elisabeth II.

A handful of people make the decisions. The vast majority have virtually no control. This is questionable from a democratic perspective, from a pragmatic point of view rather a fortune.

I won’t show all 6 caricatures here in this blog, as it would spoil the fun going there yourself. Hence just one teaser – Silvio Berlusconi

Thank you, Sophie. That’s a nice, small exhibition showing another side of your work, that I didn’t know about before.

Landmark to SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre

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