Simploring 2020 (71) Bates Motel

For my simploring tour on Saturday, September 19th, I picked Bates Motel from SL Destinations. Bates Motel is a plot, rated moderate, owned by Kaiden Tray (kaidentray). What tempted me to visit was the picture on SL Destinations that immediately reminded me of Psycho, the famous film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Bates Motel – overview and orientation map

The landing is in front of the office of Bates Motel. The Motel has 4 rooms, all are furnished quite basic. An old VW Beetle is parked in front of one room and a man sits outside next to his luggage…. and in the background you see the manor, the Psycho-house, where Norman Bates’ mum’s dead body “lives”. You can easily immerse into the story.

Impressions of Bates Motel (1) – the motel itself

I explored every room … then right next to the office I found what I was looking for: the shower scene!

Impressions of Bates Motel (2) – the shower scene

I took some very nice pictures, some of them look as if I made a screenshot from the film. Of course I visited the Psycho-house, which is fully furnished. I looked into every room. I found an atelier, but I didn’t see Norman’s mum nor her ghost – and there is no cellar, really.. well at least when I was there. The motel and the Psycho-House are a great background for pictures or might be a perfect place for a roleplay.

But Bates Motel has more to offer that just the motel and the famous house. If you walk along the trail you come to a café and bar with an event area. The bar is also furnished and is nicely decorated in- and outside.

Impressions of Bates Motel (3) – the Psycho-house and the café and bar

On my way back from the café to the motel I found a nice place to sit and enjoy or to fish by the river. I saw a funny sign post. And walking further leaving the motel on my right I came to a shack and another nice place to sit. At the shore you also find a camping site. Just be a bit careful when you walk into the forest behind the Psycho-house. When I was there a bear with it’s bear cub lived there. Bates Motel offers a lot of outdoor activies, the right place for a vacation …. and you can book a room at Bates Motel *winks*.

Impressions of Bates Motel (4) – exploring the plot

I returned to the motel and walked along the shore. At the corner of the plot is a boat rental. You can rezz boats there for a tour. A bit above of the boat rental is a small graveyard and a workshop. Prepare yourself, Halloween is coming soon! Inside of the workshop you find two zombies at work, really scary.

Impressions of Bates Motel (5) – boat rental, graveyard and Zombies

I enjoyed my simploring tour to Bates Motel, a great place to hang out and a great place for outstanding pictures, in particular if you play a bit with the windlight settings.

Bates Motel

Kaiden Tray (kaidentray), the owner of Bates Motel, also owns the GLITCH storee for poses and props, for every day needs. You can find it on the marketplace here. Kaiden also offers landscape services.
Many thanks for Bates Motel, Kaiden. I had a great time exploring.

Landmark to Bates Motel
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