Diary (142) Ocotber 8th/9th Another Red Light

Thursday, October 8th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and sat down there on a sofa and caught up with our mutual news. Ann was there and shared her newest findings of new fetish clothes with us. And Lucy (misslucywales) was there too and she spent the time we were at the club at Mistress Jenny’s and my feet. Mistress teased her and locked her up, which is way better than doing it yourself *winks*.
We stayed about one hour, then we returned home. Mistress couldn’t be inworld at night, but she made sure that I would think of her. She annonuced taking me me into a red light and ordered that I had to lock myself – ready for her – before I log out that night.

October 8th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Lucy (misslucywales) and at home

I had a relaxed night with slave Flo. Mistress wasn’t present as mentioned above, Angelique must have gone to bed early, and slave Melissa had sent an offline message, that her RL is a bit too busy at the moment. slave Gwendi is still missing. We worry about her.
I played three rounds of greedy with slave Flo, then we went to Mesmerize Dungeon and later to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club. We got a lot of eye candy, I had several shorter IMs and we talked. After all it was very relaxed. After slave Flo had went off to bed, I visited club DeLust for about 15 minutes, then I went off myself.

October 8th: Diomita with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon, at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and at club DeLust

First thing Mistress Jenny did when she came inworld Friday afternoon, October 9th, was unlocking my sub collar and exchanging it for the Ehsklavin collar. Another red light started. Then she took me to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club where I knelt at her side while we caught up with what happened in our SL and RL. Ann joined us there. She was wearing a harness gag and a blindfold that we hadn’t seen so far. Both contain some nice animations. Both, Mistress and I, scrolled through the menu and we both got it for ourselves.

October 9th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Ann / at home

We went home after an hour and Mistress allowed me to get my fix. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.
We had also talked about our party and agreed on a theme for the night: “As it gets colder outside lets make it hot at our Friday night party, wear something short, shiny and sexy .. or come as you are”

Our Friday night party was once again a great start into our weekend. When Angelique joined us, I changed into her shape and outfit making it two Angelique’s for Mistress. We had fun!

October 9th – Friday night party: Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Hotaru Takeda, Sara (SaraRandall), RosalynMyrr, Claire (maddh4tt3r), Diomita, Angelique (upper row), Virgo, MaidAllie, Karina (karinaa81), Ebony Massey, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique (lower row)

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