Simploring 2020 (72) Slovakia, Slovensko

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, September 22nd, I picked “Slovakia, Slovensko” from SL Destinations, mainly because there’s no blog post about this place yet.

I will furtheron just use “Slovakia” instead of the full name which should be “Slovakia, Slovensko – Slovak, Czech “. Slovakia is built on a plot in an adult region and owned by a group named “Great Czechoslovakia”. The group was founded by Gerard Brianna, who is also the main owner of Slovakia. Lena Atheris and Jucciano Carpaccio have contributed to the sim and own buildings and objects of Slovakia.

The name of the group – Great Czechoslovakia – points to the intention of the owners. They built a place that should repesent Czechoslovakia in the 1980ies, when the two states Slovakia and Czech Republic of today were one socialist state.

Orienation map and first impressions of Slovakia

Slowakia is quite simple structured. It could be part of a little town. There’s one road forming a circle. In the center are all community buildings and activities like a church, a bar, a park, a gazebo to meet, a stage for events, the carousel of a fair and a little pond. Outside of the circle are residential homes, a police station, a big club in an old food store, a small playground, a donut restaurant, a strange meeting point building named Bye Way, a motel, a basketbal court, and a trailer park. Almost everything a little town has to have.

Impressions of Slovakia (1) – Stop N Go club inside (upper left) / Bye Way and Donut restaurant (upper right), church inside (lower left) / Donation tip jar and rental map (lower right)

The plot is seperated to the other plost of the region by large rocks and by big housing blocks. These blocks, the omnipresent dirt, the shabbiness of the buildings and the cars in the street, the garbage, the missing colours shall provide the feeling on a typical socialist urban environment. Fitting to that is the big and fully functional police station. But also fitting are the little idyllic scenes at the trailer park, where people arranged with what they had.

Impressions of Slovakia (2) – motel and trailer park

Slovakia is a sim that shall enable building a community for people in Second Life who are from these 2 countries but it is not limited to those of course. Most of the residential homes are available for rent at the moment. A map with the free houses can be found in the church. In the church is also the only donation tip jar that I saw in Slowakia (how fitting, it is on the altar *winks*).

Impressions of Slovakia (3) – rental houses (upper left and right) / the carousel (lower left) / little cafe and rental mobil home (lower right)

It is not easy to build something like Slovakia, to produce a miserable environment with a socialistic flair as the objects are not available on the marketplace. Therefore you see also shabby American cars, the signs for the trailer park and the motel are in English as well as the Roady bar. But nonetheless, I could sense the intention of Slovakia right upon when I landed there. At the time of my visit the streets were used as a skating course. I don’t know if that is a permanent installation.

Impressions of Slovakia (4) – Police station (upper left) / Stage (upper right) / Roady’s bar (lower left) / Gazebo in the park (lower right)

One word to the windlight. For what reason ever I had a quite sunny and inexpressive windlight when I visited. I decided to select the Anan Adored Realistic windlight for most of my pictures. Choosing a foggy, hazy, grey and drab windlight would fit better to Slovakia but is not suitable for blog pictures that shall provide an impression.

Slovakia was established in May 2020. It is at least something different from what you can experience in Second Life elsewhere. Thank you Gerard Brianna and Lena Atheria. I enjoyed my visit and my short conversation with Lena.

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