Simploring 2020 (74) Ruegen

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, October 6th, I picked “Ruegen” from SL Destinations. The entry let me to a post from Inara Pey “Ruegen Island in Second Life“.
The name Ruegen caught my attention immediately. Rügen is Germany’s largest island, located in the Baltic Sea in the State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I’ve been there in the physical world and I loved it. Rügen is famous for its chalk cliff line, which belongs to the Jasmund National Park. Of course I had to see Ruegen in Second Life.

Ruegen is an adult homested owned by André Nalin (reizwolf). He wrote in the landmark profile “An attempt, to depict the landscape of the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Rügen in Second Life.

Ruegen – overview and orientation map

To start with, Ruegen in Second Life is inspired by the beautiful landscape of the Balic Sea shore and its offshore islands, but it is not the attempt to build parts of it in Second Life. Despite the cliff line it could be any of the Baltic Sea islands or somewhere at the German shore. You won’t see the famous pier of Binz nor the promenade nor the castle Granitz.
What you will see is the beauty of this landscape and you can explore and experience it without being amoung many other tourists.

Impressions of Ruegen (1) – at the landing close to the main house

The landing at Ruegen is in the center of the island next to the main house, persumably the home of the owner. It’s a big and modern house with a wonderful roof terrace. Close to the house is a pool and a small greenhouse. I went to the main beach and walked around the island following the shoreline. At the beach a few horses are grazing, at the horizont you see a lighthouse. The selected windlight provides a particular atmosphere. The sun is still shining but a storm seems to be close. The sky is dark and full of coulds.

Impressions of Ruegen (2) – Beach house and Beach Café

Walking along the shore you get to another residential home, which I called “Beach house” and later you come to the “Beach Café” where I sat down for a break.

Impressions of Ruegen (3) – Beach hut and Chalk Cliff line

After this short break I continued my tour and got to the Beach hut which is quite close to the backside of the Main house. I had another short break, then I came to the Chalk Cliff line. André placed a board there explaining that it is natural that parts of the Cliff fall into the sea every once in a while as the wind and the elements wear the cliff down. Such a sign could really be at the island of Rügen *winks* – mabye it is! The board is in German though.

Impressions of Ruegen (4) – Fischerman’s home

Towards the end of my round island tour I came to a small fisher harbour with one boat, two huts and a residential house that is quite typical for the Baltic islands. There are sheep grazings (also very typical). The Fisherman’s home is a great spot for taking pictures. I really liked it there.

Impressions of Ruegen (5) – Jet ski rental, in the forests of Ruegen, Fisherman’s home on a sunny day

Before I completed my round coming back to the landing point I came across a jet ski rental. Great! I have to keep that in mind as I like driving them. What I hadn’t explored so far were the forests inside of the island. I discovered a camping site and another small hut.
Finally I tried to take some pictures with another windlight, just to see how it looks – not as good as with the windlight, that André has selected.

I enjoyed my visit to Ruegen. It’s a great place for taking pictures, to wind down and to enjoy the nature. I felt almost a bit like being home. Thank you André Nalin (reizwolf) for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Ruegen
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Ruegen Island in Second Life”

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