Art in Second Life 2020 (71) Bridge by Cica Ghost

Thursday night, November 5th, I got an invitation from Cica Ghost to visit her newest installation “Bridge“. I went there Friday, November 6th.

It takes both sides to build a bridge” is the thought that Cica gives us on our way visiting. This time Cica’s installation has a clear message, that is also expressed in this thought. You can easily see this message when you stand on the landing point and zoom out.

Impressions of “Bridge by Cica Ghost” (1)

You see two Cica-ish villages. Both are built on high plateaus with steep slopes. These two villages look alike on a first view and in particlar looking at them from farer away. The villages are connected by a bridge. In the valley between the two villages lives a huge dragon who looks down at the two village. Beside the two village and the dragon there’s a languet with a single tree.

I went exploring the first village and form some elements that made me smile as they are so “Cica-ish”, the girl with the cat drawn at one wall, or the car drawn on another wall. Flowers and flowerbeds decorate the courts, there’re opportunities to sit and watch.

Impressions of “Bridge by Cica Ghost” (2)

I went over the bridge and visited the other village, that looked alike in the first view. But the houses have more and bigger windows. There are 3 cars, Cica mobiles, that you can either use on the installation or purchase for your own plot. I tried driving one but it is very difficult in the narrow roads. You find some of Cica’s cats strolling around the village, hence I didn’t have to search “the one” cat. For me it seems as if the inhabitants of the second village a slightly more wealthy and live a little bit different.

Impressions of “Bridge by Cica Ghost” (3)

Both hills, both villages, have an access to the valley. Form the first village there’s one not that steep way down, from the second village there’s a stair leading down. I went down to the valley and found not only the dragon down there (or more it’s feet). There’re also two sheeps, a black and a white one – another strong symbol. Far outside on the languet with a single tree you can sit on a swing and overlook the scene. But sitting there outside you’re quite alone and if the dragon would be dangerous ….. no way to get to the villages.

Impressions of “Bridge by Cica Ghost” (4)

It takes both sides to build a bridge“, a bridge to connect people. Particular in this day and age where not only in the US the division of the society progresses more and more, it needs a bridge to reconnect people and to overcome the division.

I enjoyed my visit to Bridges by Cica Ghost and despite the serious message of this installation I had fun seeing the world with kids eyes and looking at the “Cica-ish” objects, houses, flowers, graffiti and animals. Thank you Cica!

Landmark to Bridges by Cica Ghost

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