Art in Second Life 2020 (72) Charly Keeley-Keating – Autumns Glow

I got an invitation to see “Autumns Glow” by Charly Keeley-Keating for Ocotber 24th. I love the colours of Autumn and the picture on the invitation was really stunning. I was prevented going there due to my RL activities, but I went on Tuesday, Ocotber 27th. “Autumns Glow” is showcased in the room “Amalfia” at Dixmix Gallery.

The exhibtion is not large, it consists of 10 pictures. The floor of the room is excellent decorated with objects fitting to the theme: leaves, mushrooms, logs, snags and rakes on brown tiles. The decoration was done by Megan Prumier.

The pictures are just beautiful, very colourful and expressive, almost too beautiful. But I have seen such scenes in the physical world. Charly has the talent to get the right light, angle and perspective to make her pictures. I assume that they are not very much processed. Excellent work!

I hadn’t come across anything from Charly Keeley-Keating (ladycharis) before. Charly is in Second Life for almost 10 years and it doesn’t surprise me anymore that her passion is photography in Second Life: “Life is full of every day stress, worries, and what if’s…and we all handle it differently…..For me its turning images from Second Life into Art I visualize in my mind. Oh and coffee and cookies!! Smiles… 🙂

Charly has a flickr page and there I found a few words that describe her and her pictures almost perfectly: “Painter of thoughts, photographer of dreams…..”

Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and for contributing at it, and last but not least thank you Charly Keeley-Keating for your great pictures. I enjoyed my visit a lot.
“Charly Keeley-Keating – Autumns Glow” will stay open for visitors until November 20th.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery 2020
DixMix Gallery website
Charly Keating flickr page

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