Simploring 2020 (80) The Apartments

For my simploring tour on Sunday, November 8th, I picked “The Apartments” from SL Destinations. The entry led me to a post of Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: The Apartments” (in German) which I read before visiting myself.

The Apartments is built on a platform in the skies. Creator and owner is Paradox (Paradox Ivory). I saw Paradox’ sim “Tokyo Street and Umi” last year (read here). Tokyo Street was a big city installation and Umi was a Japanese village. And now she created “The Apartments” which is also somewhere in Japan, just in the future, yet it is no a scifi installation.

The Apartments – bird’s eye view

The Apartments is a quite smart installation of a big city, done with less than 5,000 prims. Zooming out you see the layout. A labyrinthine building extending over 2 floors surrounded by skyscarpers. Inside you feel like in a big Asian city. You enter the one building and get lost in hallways. The hallways are used as additional living space. At most entrance doors there’s stuff stored, be a bottle boxes, chairs, sofas, table football, garbage, a bike and many tools (amost a whole garage), etc.

Impressions of “The Apartments” (1) another bird’s eye view and around the landing point

You see a lot of cats. They occupy many chairs and couches and in particular the window benches. They seem to love seeing out of the window and watching the rain falling and all the raceways. From the windows you also see the traffic … flying cabs and flying police cars. If you have your sound turned on you often hear the sirens of the police cars.

Impressions of “The Apartments” (2) cats on window benches / in the gym

You will find almost everything within the labyrinth of hallways .. a fitness studio, a laundry, a sushi bar, lots of vending machines, parking, a gathering room and much more. There’s a lot of stuff to dicover and I’m sure I didn’t see everything.

Impressions of “The Apartments” (3) parking garage / hallways

There are also some fully furnished appartments that you can visit. They are packed with stuff, tiny appartments with large windows so that you are admist the city and have something to watch. The rain, the raceways and the traffic, the infrastructure and so many other things can be seen through the windows. For me it is one of the highlights of The Apartments that the city looks very busy.

Impressions of “The Apartments” (4) inside Apartments / public meeting point (lower left)

Appropos busy, during my visit there were a lot of other people visiting. Maddy wrote in his blog that The Apartments is listed in the SL desination guide and hence it gets a lot of traffic. The upside is that the hallways are not empty, the downside is that I had to wait with my pictures or that avatars ran into my picture when the textures had just cleared up.

Impressions of “The Apartments” (5) views outside into the city (left) / Sushi bar (right)

Hallways, endless rain and cats lots and lots of cats” – The Apartments is a place you shouldn’t miss when you enjoy simploring (like I do). Thank you Paradox (Paradox Ivory) for this great place and for sharing it publicly. Well done!

Landmark to The Appartments
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Apartments”
The Appartments flickr-page

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