Simploring 2020 (81a) Oblivion – Addendum

After the post about Oblivion (see here) had been published I got hints from several sides that there is more to see at Oblivion in the skies above.

Oblivion – the steampaunk airships in the skies

Right next to the landing is a telephone booth that is a teleporter, The destination “Garage” brings you up into the skies to a whole fleet of Steampunk airships with quite some nice rooms, a lot of stylish decoration, quite some BDSM equipments (though some are group access only), a gazebo with a greedy table, a seperate flying island with a fully furnished house and a garden with art from Mistero Hifeng. I even found a steampunk Christmas tree. There are several cells, a bar and many many other features, way more than I can list here. I think my pictures can tell more about this part of Oblivion. A lot to dicover!

Impressions of Oblivion in the skies (1)

Impressions of Oblivion in the skies (2)

Impressions of Oblivion in the skies (3)

Thank you Dante (Gian Fetuccio) and MAYA (mayamoxie) for sharing your place with the public. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Oblivion
Direct Landmark to Oblivion – Garage

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