Art in Scond Life 2020 (82) Not Square by nekonuko Nakamori

On Saturday, November 28th, the exhibtion “Not Square” by nekonuko Nakamori was opened at the Black Pavillion of the Itakos Art Gallery. I visited the exhibtion on Monday, November 30th.
Not Square” seems to be a strange title, that alone tempted me to visit just to learn more about it. In addition I haven’t heard about nekonuko Nakamori before.

The exhibtion is quite large and what caught my eyes was that the showcased pictures are quite large and …. no surprise, not square. Quite close to the entrance is just one sigle squared picture, the one that is also used in the center of the exhibtion poster. The squared picture at the exhibition provides a notecard with a little bit more information:

NOT SQUARE by nekonuko Nakamori
If you know what I mean, all my Flickr pics are just square. I love that format so much. But sometimes there is definitely a voice in my heart that wants to be wider more. This time, Akim has given me a opportunity of a new challenge. So, I discovered new enjoyment for creating works, and had a great experience.

Of course I now had a look at nekonuko’ Flickr page first. And yes all of her pictures published there are squared. They all show impressions of nekonuku’s tours through the wide universe of Second Life. The pictures have one in common, they all show nekonuku herself, be it as a portrait or just as a dot in a wide and broad environment. Seeing many of the squared pictures you get a feeling of nekonuku’s very own style of pictures.

a snapshot from nekonuko’ Flickr page

Back to the exhibition “Not Square” at the Itakos Art Gallery. nekonuku has not just left her favourite format a little bit. No, the pictures are really wide or high. And that extends the view. In the wide pictures the landscape looks almost endless, and nekonuku shrinks to a dot admiring the world around her pictures. The some effect can be seen in a picture where she walks along bit boards in the town.

Impressions of Not Square by nekonuko Nakamori at The Itakos Art Gallery (1)

The high formats a selfies and here nekonuku plays with the format, never showing her body and face completely.

Impressions of Not Square by nekonuko Nakamori at The Itakos Art Gallery (2)

As mentioned above, I never came across nekundo so far. Her artful pictures did touch me and made me get deeper into them, looking longer at them, made me spin some stories they could possible tell. Well done, great work.

The Itakos Art Gallery is owned and curated by Akim Alonzo. Actually it is a place for arts with 7 exhibition rooms or pavillons: White, Black, Grey, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green Pavillion. There’s also a website where new exhibtions are announced.
Thank you Akim for enabling the exhibition “Not Square” by nekonuko Nakamori. Thank you nekondo for your art.
I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Itakos Art Gallery BLACK Pavilion
The Itakos Project and Art Gallery website
nekonuko Nakamori’s Flickr page

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