Simploring 2020 (85) Walsh County in Winter

For my simploring tour on Saturday, December 13th, I picked “Walsh County” once again, when I saw a pciture of it on SL Destinations.

Impressions from my revisit to Walsh County in Winter (1)

Walsh County is a general homestead owned by Randonee Noel. I visited the first time in August 2020 Read my simploring report here. Randonee told me that the sim will change according to the season. I missed Autumn and the harvest. Now it is Winter. And Winter is cold and  hard at Walsh County. At the landing in the middle of nowhere on highway 17 you can grab a notecard by clicking on the highway sign. The notecard provides some information:

Up near the Canadian border glaciers have leveled the earth to where you can see that it’s curved. The winds move across the landscape interrupted only by the lines of trees planted there to interfere.
Agriculture is the cornerstone and the crops are gold. There are fewer than 9 people here for every square mile, but most will share a cup of coffee and a smile if you’re polite.
Welcome to Walsh County, North Dakota.”

Impressions from my revisit to Walsh County in Winter (2)

Walsh County is not a fiction. Walsh County lies on the east side of North Dakota and has a population of about 10,000 people. You can read more about it on wikipedia here. Also the highway 17 is not a fiction. It is 139 miles in length and its alignment was established in 1939 (see wikipedia here).

Altough everyhting is covered with snow and although Wash County is quite glat, I did recognize it immediately. I walked along the lonesome road watching the aurora beorealis at the horizon. Almost at the end of the street was car, an old Fiat, with a Christmas tree on its roof. To my surprise the keys were in and I got into the car and drove back the way I came from. But the road ends at a road wirk site, so I had to get out. Hence the car might now still stand three *winks*

Impressions from my revisit to Walsh County in Winter (3)

There’s not that much to do, just get the atmosphere sink in. It is a great, realistic place. By the one tree, where the ducks where swimming in a litte pond during summer, is a campfire now so that you can warm up up. And on the only small hill is a sledge rezzer – of course I tried that.

Walsh County in Winter

Nothing else to write here …. just a great place for taking pictures or to wind down.
Thank you Randonee Noel, for creating this fantasic sim and for sharing it publicly.

Landmark to Walsh County
My first visit to Walsh County “Simploring 2020 (69) Walsh County”
Walsh County on flickr

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