Simploring 2021 (3) Snoweeta

For my simploring tour on New Year’s Day I picked Snoweeta from SL Destinations. Snoweeta is a general homestead owned and designed by Kaja Ashland. She wrote in the landmark description: “An endless winter walk over the vast cloud-covered fields in Skåne can look empty and devoid. But when you look around closely, the snowy scene has many stories to tell…

Snoweeta – overview and orientation map

And yes, already at the landing point you are in an almost endless Winter landscape. The landing is at a farm track leading to a house that you can barely see from the landing, but the trees on both sides of the track lead your view to the house. When you look around the second time you see a bit more details. There’s a high cell tower somewhere on the horizon, a large single tree admist the endless snow covered fields, a broken tractor also in the middle of nothing on the field, a truck with a snow plough right behind of you, a long road leading to Ystad and Simrishamn, a police car standing on the road side, there’s an hot air ballon hoovering and there’s a little hill close to the house.

Impression of Snoweeta (1) – the tractor, the boar tree, the cell tower

Before I started my simploring tour, I read Kaja Ashland’s profile. There she wrote a bit more about her sim:
Snoweeta, a Swedish (Skåne) winter painting you can walk around in, welcome to explore. See my Picks for more info.
An endless winter walk over the vast cloud-covered fields in Skåne can look empty and devoid. But when you look around closely, the snowy scene has many stories to tell. Who got stuck with the tractor? Is it safe to walk close to the wild boars? Was a crime committed here? When are the Christmas dinner guests arriving to the magnificent table and who are they? Will you manage to walk over the muddy fields up to the hill and the warming fire? Will you visit Skåne, Swedens richest agricultural region, in a magical winter sleep?
Bring boots, warm clothes, and your camera. Welcome to the winter in Skåne, Sweden.

Impression of Snoweeta (2) – a walk from the main road to the house

I looked up Skåne in Wikipedia. Skåne County (Swedish: Skåne län) is the southernmost county of Sweden. It covers around 3% of Sweden’s total area, while its population of 1.3 million comprises 13% of Sweden’s total population. Ystad and Simrishamn are towns in Skåne.

Impression of Snoweeta (3) – the house, decorated for the season

Back to Snoweeta. The endless snow covered fields enforces you to look at the details and of course you ask yourself the questions that Kaja brought up in her profile text about Snoweeta. Why? Why is the police car standing on the roadside? Why is the tractor admist the fields?
You will have to answer that questions for yourself, you can spin your own little story about every detail. It is fun to let your mind wander and spin stories.

Impression of Snoweeta (4) – at the hill & pond

But Snoweeta has more to offer. There are the many deatils in the house, that is lovely decorated for the season. There’s the hill and the pond that offers great backgrounds for pictures. There are some animals in the little forest on the hill, like an owl. You can sit down at the campfire or start ice-fishing on the frozen pond. You can watch the scenery from a balloon (just “sit” on it) or you can use one of the small balloons close to the campfire to explore Snoweeta leviating.

Impression of Snoweeta (5) – at the hill & pond

Snoweeta impresses by it’s simplicity – and by the beauty that comes with the simplicity. The eye can focus on the details even more and better. Thank you for creating Snoweeta and for sharing it publicly, Kaja. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Snoweeta

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