Simploring 2021 (5) Kidaka Resort, Hotel & Eco Lodges

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, January 5th, I picked “Kidaka Resort, Hotel & Eco Lodges” from SL Destinations. The entry led to a website about virtual hotels, namely hotels in Second Life. It is called “The SL Hotel Inspector“. The creator, Dirk Lemon, loves to travel in his real life – but as many of us can’t travel due to the current pandemic. Instead he travels in Second Life, just like it do. Dirk’s passion is to inspect hotels – and Kidaka Resort is one of these hotels he reviewed.

What attracted me was to travel it Africa again. I never was on this continent so far, just in Second Life. Maybe that’s one reason I like to travel to Africa virtually. The second reason is, that there are not many places in SL with this theme.

Kidaka Resort – overview and orientation map

The Kidaka Resort is a adult homestead owned by Del-ka Aedilis (karport). The landmark description summarizes the sim as “a place to spend your holiday, date or honeymoon. African wildlife & the luxury of a hotel suite: restaurant, spa, jacuzzi, pool, travel, resort, lodge, glamping, sex, first class, rental, romantic, trip, beach, privacy, photogenic, tent, motel, safari

Impressions of Kidaka Resort (1) – Entering the hotel

As seen on the orientation map, the Kidaka Resort Hotel is the main building on the sim. Besides this building there are some lodges/houses mostly located at the coast or beach. You can rent these lodges from 100L – 300L per day.
The landing is right in front of the Hotel and I got welcomed by a receptionist (a bot): “Welcome Diomita! Please feel free to look around. Some areas are only for guests of the hotel complex. If you would like to rent a room, lodge or tent, you will find all available rental units on our website or at the rental kiosk in the reception. Please teleport to the respective unit using the Booking Kiosk, our website or the teleport door at the Main Lodge (located next to the Lounge Bar). You need to pay directly at the rental panel in the unit. Do not forget to accept the group invite after you have paid and wear the group tag everytime you are on the sim. If you want to explore the sim, just follow the hiking sign outside the main lodge!

Impressions of Kidaka Resort (2) – Around the hotel

I explored the hotel first and it is quite neat and has the flair I’d expect. There’s a bar, a restaurant with in- and outdoor seating, a large pool and the whole scenery is built to provide the look and feel of a luxury hotel in Africa. There are some static non-player characters (NPCs) to liven up the scenery in the hotel – who wants to be alone in a bar?

Impressions of Kidaka Resort (3) – The wildlife

What’s outstanding is the rest of the sim, pure savanna and wildlife. And you can see and watch the animals from very close by and they won’t bite! Some of the animals are animated and it is really fun to watch them. What did I see? Elephants, lions, gnus, flamingos, zebras, giraffes, an ape, a parrot…

Impressions of Kidaka Resort (4) – The wildlife

The lodges are nice, offer privacy and a far enough from each other so that none will be disturbed by neighbors. They are protected with a security system forcing non-guests to leave within 2 minutes. Hence I could only sneak in shortly.

Impressions of Kidaka Resort (5) – Diomita enjoying

The Kidaka Resort is a great place for photographers, it is perfect for a short virtual trip into another world, and it is a nice hideaway for a night or more. I enjoyed exploring – and once again I was surprised by SL’s variety.
Del-ka Aedilis (karport), the owner of Kidaka Resort, has also a shop and sells building and stuff for roleplay. You can check that out at his store on it’s website.
Thank you Del-Ka for providing the Kidaka Resort and the public space there. I had a great short trip.

Landmark to the Kidaka Resort
The Kidaka Resort – website
The SL Hotel Inspector about the Kidaka Resort
Del-ka Aedilis store website

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