Simploring 2021 (11) The Redwoods

For my simploring tour on Monday, February 15th, I picked “The Redwoods” from SL Destinations. I wanted to go out into the nature and this sim seemed to be perfect for it. In addition I have been to California’s Sequoia National Park back in 1992 (gosh, time flies by too fast!) – so it was about time to refresh memories. And in Second Life we can travel, easily and quickly without any test or restrictions.

The Redwoods – bird’s eye view and orientation map / at the landing point

The entry on SL Destinations led to a plogpost from Inara Pey “Exploring the redwoods of Second Life“, which I read before visiting myself.

The Redwoods is built on a platform in 4.000m height above mainland. It is a place rate moderate. The Redwoods are owned and designed by Julia Dagger (JuliaTrouble). The landmark description fits to what you can do at The Redwoods: “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” (John Muir).

As seen in the bird’s eye view the platform is surrounded by high rocks. From inside it looks ver natural, the light coming just from above or through small gaps in the rocks. Right a the landing point is an orientation map “Cha Redwoods National Park” just as you would see it in any National park in the United States. I stayed on the trails – mostly. From the landing point just one path leads into the forest, the path slits into two paths after a few meters, one path leads to the park lodge, the other to the lake. I went to the park lodge first.

Impressions of The Redwoods (1) – starting my simploring tour

The Redwoods is well made. You have the feeling of being in a forest. Don’t forget to turn on your sound, you can hear the sound of the river, very calming.

Impressions of The Redwoods (2) – the park lodge

The park lodge itself is worth a visit. Inside is a counter with information flyers and postcards and a nice seating opportunity. I walked upstairs and found a bar there where I sat down to recover from the first walk. The best place tough is on the terrace of the park lodge. Relax by the fire and watch other people hiking, listen to the sound of the river and let your mind wander.

Close to the park lodge is another building, which is not as easily accessible as the park lodge. I named it “Romantic lodge” Outside it offers a seating like on the terrace of the park lodge, on its porch you can sit and have a glass of wine. And inside is a table layed for a dinner for two and a cosy bed. Together with the illumination this lodge looks like a place to stay.

Impressions of The Redwoods (3) – the romantic lodge

I went to the lake next. It is another nice location for taking pictures. I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. Walking along the shore you get to a big campfire place where i had my next short break. And itf you walk further you get to anotehr smaller campfire place and to a hut for hikers, where you can just stay overnight.

Impressions of The Redwoods (4) – views along my way

Inara wrote in her post about a hidden place, another bar. And of course I wanted to see that too. I walked back to the park lodge and further on the trail. The trail ends at a huge sequonia tree. Right next to it is a sofa and a lounger. Another place to sit and enjoy. From here you can see a waterfall. You should walk close to the waterfall …. and might find what Inara wrote about (I found it *winks*)

Impressions of The Redwoods (5) – the waterfall and more opportunities for a rest

The Redwoods is a lovely place to wind down admist an impressive nature with many places to sit and enjoy. I had fun exploring. Thank you Julia Dagger (JuliaTrouble) for creating The Redwoods and for sharing it publicly.

Landmark to The Redwoods
flickr page
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Exploring the redwoods of Second Life”

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