Art in Second Life 2021 (24) “Real Life” by Hermes Kondor at Art Gallery Rill’Arts

I visited Nils Urqhart’s gallery, the Art Gallery Rill’Arts, the first time end of last year and saw his exhibition “A Winter Tale” (read here). Now I got an invitation to see “Real Life“, an exhibition with RL pictures from Hermes Kondor. The exhibition is on the thrid floor of the gallery, the 1st and 2nd floor were still showcasting “A Winter Tale” when I visited on Saturday, February 20th.

“Real Life” by Hermes Kondor at the 3rd floor of Art Gallery Rill’Arts (1) – exhibition poster and overview

The exhibition “Real Life” by Hermes Kondor consists of 15 monochrome photographs.
Hermes Kondor wrote about himself and his pictures: “Always inspired by the great French photography masters like Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Jaques Henry Lartigue, or Andre Kertesz, I use my camera to capture all the complex simplicity of daily Life, always with a deep respect, and gratitude to the ones that are the essence of my street photos.
As a former professional photojournalist, street and the reality that passes through my eyes, are the natural subjects of my photos, that I have the honor to share here with you.

“Real Life” by Hermes Kondor at the 3rd floor of Art Gallery Rill’Arts (2)

Hermes photographs are quite opposed to what we see in the virtual world of Second Life, where most of us are young and beautiful. They show everyday life scenes. Some of them are extraordinairy like the view on the spiral staircase or the view on the many balconies of a cruiseship with people who obviously say farewell. First I thought it was the view on an apartment building.
Others capture scenes, people at the beach, in a museum, on the market or a man in his bookstall reading a newspaper.
Honestly I know none of the great French photography masters listed by Hermes, but I like his pictures. Looking at them I immediately began to think about the story behind them, just like photographs should do.

“Real Life” by Hermes Kondor at the 3rd floor of Art Gallery Rill’Arts (3)

Hermes Kondor is from Portugal. He’s a photographer and photojournalist. Hermes has 40 years of professional photography experience. He dealt with the hard reality of real life photography working for a daily newspapers, and as a photographer and photo-edtior in several magazines. He also worked as a teacher of photography and photojournalism.
Hermes is in Second Life for more than 13 years. His pictures can also been seen at his own gallery, the Kondor Photo Gallery, and at his flickr account. Hermes also owns the Kondor Art Center, a place for art, photography and music in Second Life.

Landmark to Art Gallery Rill’Arts (with the exhibition “Real Life”)
Kondor Photo Gallery
Kondor Art Center
Hermes Kondor’s flickr

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