Art in Second Life 2021 (25) “Virtual Tables by Simulat Almendros”

Last year I visited “Spirals and Metaspirals – An exploration by Simulat Almendros” at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) (read here). The exhibtion is still open, although it has been rearranged. And on February 17th, an addition was added, a second level, that is full with tables, well virtual tables of course.

Simulat is in SL for almost 14 years. He’s an artist and displays his work at two galleries. In the 1st life tab of his profile he describes himself with the tags: “Computer art, philosophizing Web, graphic arts programming, simulations

For the expansion with the “Virtual tables” Simulat wrote an notecard explaining his work at bit:
Second Life was the first 3D modelling medium I worked with. I got pretty good with prims but they do have limitations. About 2 years later I started using Blender which is a free 3D modelling system that is as powerful as commercial 3D software like Maya. The learning curve is very steep. Learning to use a powerful program like learning a language. You start of with simple things and slowly your vocabulary and fluency increase. Now 8 years later it’s become a central tool in my art making tool box. I use Blender to make 2D pictures that are raw material to import into Photoshop to make Snowflakes. And of course I use it to make 3D forms to import into Second Life.

I like to explore meaningful but abstract forms. The forms are abstract because generally the don’t represent anything that you would see in reality. They are based on the implications of math and science. I work with geometry and symmetry. I try to make those kinds of abstract ideas into concrete forms that you can walk around.”

The expansion “Virtual tables” by Simulat Almendros on a seperate level of “Spirals and Metaspirals”

The tables are really outstanding, colourful and artful. Simulat uses mostly glass for the table plate so that you can see the counter framework. It is suprprising to see his different ideas. I can imagine such a table in RL as an eyecatcher in every room. They can develop their class standing close by eachother but I assume that Simulat wanted to show how different you can make them, her can make them. I’d buy one in RL immediately, if I could.

Virtual Tables by Simulat Almendros

Thank you for this expansion, Simulat. I really like the tables, well done!

Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) is owned by Hannington Xeltentat. Thank you Hannington for providing the space for the art and for enabling “Virtual tables by Simulat Almendros”. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to HAF “The Hannington Arts Foundation at Xeltentat Enterprises”

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