Simploring 2021 (14) Ueno

I came across Ueno when I scrolled through SL Destinations looking for a destination for my simploring tour on Sunday, March 14th. What caught my attention was the picture, a field full of sunflowers.

Ueno is a full moderate region, owned by unico Bailey. There’s no landmark description. Ueno is part of 6 connected sim, all built in Japanese style. Maddy Gynoid has written about Ueno back in 2018 and 2019 (see his blogposts in German here and here)

Ueno – overview and orientation map

The highlight of Ueno is clearly the field of sunflowers that covers roughly half of the sim. Sunflowers as far as you can look. That reminded me of other sim whith wheat or corn fields. And of course it is a great motif for photographers. Maddy has some really great pictures of the sunflowers in his two blogposts.

The sunflower field at Ueno

Besides of the sunflower flield Ueno is a Japanese town with a train station, some residential homes and some shops. The sunflowers actually reach out into the town and to the train station. Close the a bridge leading to the neighbourhood sim is also a field of carrots (yet not as impressive as the sunflower field). Right at the end of the sunflower field are large boards for selling huge robot avatars. And there are some more shops at Ueno.
Over the town and the train station levitates a space ship (for what reason ever).

Impressions of Ueno – a Japanese community (1)

The train station itself and the town offers nice backgrounds for making urban pictures. But the huge sunflower field is for sure the outstanding highlight of Ueno. It is always great to see what other create.

Impressions of Ueno – a Japanese community (2)

Thank you unico Bailey for sharing your place.

Landmark to Ueno
unico Baily’s flickr
Maddy Gynoid’s post “Das Sonnenblumenfeld auf Ueno”
Maddy Gynoid’s post “Das Sonnenblumenfeld auf Ueno – Teil 2”

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