Art in Second Life (38) Lines of Force by Simulat Almendros

In December 2020 I visited “Spirals and Metaspirals – An exploration by Simulat Almendros” at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) (read here). This exhibition is still open for a visit – and it is worth it.
Last month I visited again, this time my focus was on the expansion of the exhibtion “Virtual Tables by Simulat Almendros” (read here). The expansion was done by adding a second level above over one half of space.
And now there has been a second expansion, another level added above the remaining half. This expansion is named “Lines of Force by Simulat Almendros“.
I visited Monday, April 5th.

Lines of Force – the second expansion of Simulat Almendros’s exhibition at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF)

Lines of Force is an exhibtion of pictures made using a simulation of the magnetic fields. While you can visualize magnetic forces in experiments in physics, you can also simulate the “lines of force” between the poles in computer programs. Simulat Almendros overlaps several of these magnetic fields pictures, he adds other regular formulars which influence the colors or the deviations from one point to the next – and the result is true artwork.

The exhibtion is organized in 3 concentric circles. The outer circle shows Linofo images that Simulat used as seeds for supersymmetric pictures that he calls Snowflakes. Inside he shoes pictures that are just as they emerge from the simulation. And in the inner circle are explanations about how the simulations are created.

Examples of “Lines of Force by Simulat Almendros” (1)

Simulat is in SL for almost 14 years. He’s an artist and displays his work at two galleries. In the 1st life tab of his profile he describes himself with the tags: “Computer art, philosophizing Web, graphic arts programming, simulations“. Simulat picked his name because at the time he got his first internet account he was writing simulations of physics. He simulated a gravity field and a magnetic field and later he wrote a system that imitated biological forms. These systems all used the computer screen to display the output as images.
The magnetic field simulation turned out to have the most artistic potential. Simulat spent about 5 years working with that simulation, slowly extending it’s capabilities and exploring the possibilities. That led to his first (and unfortunately also last) real life gallery show.

Examples of “Lines of Force by Simulat Almendros” (2)

Now Simulat rediscoverd his former work and with the better performance of computers and graphics nowadays, he could create even more and also more complex simulations.

The provided landmark leads you to the central landing point at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) from where you can take a direct teleport to the exhibtion “Lines of Force by Simulat Almendros“. Right next to where you land, you can grab a notecard from Simulat. In this notecard you find a lot of information about how Simulat makes his pictures. And you get even more information in the above mentioned inner circle, where several boards explain the different techniques.

Examples of “Lines of Force by Simulat Almendros” (3)

If you haven’t seen “Spirals and Metaspirals” or “Virtual Tables” yet, don’t miss the opportunity to visit both – it’s all in one exhitbion space.

Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) is owned by Hannington Xeltentat. Thank you Hannington for providing the space for the art and for enabling “Lines of Force by Simulat Almendros“. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to “Lines of Force” at Hannington Art Foundation (central landing point)

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