Simploring 2021 (19) Blisston Village

I had a short but enjoyable little simploring tour on Thursday, April 15th. I had got a group message about a new built from Ida Carlberg: Blisston Village.

Blisston Village: Bird’s eye view and orientation map

Blisston Village is part of the Bliston Quarter in Bay City. It covers a small plot on mainland, rated general, and is owned and created by Ida Carlberg. It’s a neat small village. The landing is quite in the center at a market, which is worth a visit. There’re quite some stands with fresh fruits, vegetables and other goods you’d buy at a market. The marketplace is surrounded by townhouses and shops. At the time of my visit on April 15th, there were quite some shops, stores and appartments still available, as Blisston Village had just come into existence. Two stores (Limelight and Ida:C) are already rented out. You can grab a notecard with the available stores, shops and appartments by clicking on the advertising pillar on the marketplace.

Impressions of Blisston Village (1) around the landing point / the marketplace

One shop is occupied by a gallery showcasing the art of Evola Courtois, again an artist I never cam across before so far. I can imagine that there will be some other artists presenting their art at Blisston Village some time soon. Next to the marketplace is a quite large greenhouse that is used as event and meeting hall. I like the setup of it.

Impressions of Blisston Village (2) Evola Courtois Gallery / Greenhouse event and meeting hall

At one corner you find the “Couriosity Park”, a small fair with a roundabout, a wheel of fortune, two shooting galleries, some arcade games and a small playground for kids. Above the fair levitates a hot air ballon, you can enter the basket by climbing up a ladder. From up there you have a nice view. As a little extra, there’s a Cica-girl (a figure created by Cica Ghost) in the park. As a fan of Cica Ghost’s art, I did recognize it immediately.

Impressions of Blisston Village (3) Couriosity Park

The hightlight of Blisston Village might be the Unicorn Museum, where you can find unicorns in every size, be it tall as a horse or small as a toy for kids. A board has a quite good and educational text about “The Unicorn”.

Impressions of Blisston Village (4) Unicorn Museum

Blisston village is a small sim, a place for either a short but enjoyable simploring tour or for visiting the fair and the Unicorn Museum. It proves that you don’t need that much space or prims to create a nice environment. With more shops and galleries, maybe a few events in the greenhouse, I can imagine that it become home and a meeting place for quite some people.
Thank you, Ida Carlberg for creating this place and sharing it publicly.

Landmark to Blisston Village

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