Diary 2021 (58) May 1st/2nd Lazy Art Weekend

I had a lazy Saturday as May 1st is a holiday where I live. Hence I spent quite some time inworld. Mistress wasn’t online all day long due to her RL. In the later morning I had a longer conversation with a switch and had her at my feet. After lunch I went visiting a gallery and I had fun there.
I sticked around inworld, idling at Heavy Bondage Club and club DeLust while writing the report about my gallery visit and while tending to other things in RL. After I had finished the blogpost I returned home and played a round of skipee with Flo. Then I returned to Heavy Bondage Club and met Angelique there and later Faye (Boy Serenity) and lily (lily Bloodrose) joined Angelique and me there. We chatted and spent a nice time there before dinner.

May 1st: Diomita and Angelique at Heavy Bondage Club with Faye and lily

After my lazy Saturday …. I had an enjoyable, relaxed night with Mistress and Flo. We played a skipee first, helped Flo changing into a new latex catsuit that she got at DHB, then moved to Psi’s realm and later to Carnal Intentions where Faye joined us shortly. And that’s it about that Saturday.

May 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Flo and Faye at Psi’s realm and at Carnal Intentions

Sunday, May 2nd, was another laszy day inworld for me. Beside that I stood around and looked good quite some time, I spent my time with visiting a gallery and writing about it before lunch and visiting a larger art installation and writing about it in the afternoon. So for the blog it was a quite productive day, not so for my other passions in Second Life as simply nothing was going on and I couldn’t provoke any fun either. Anyway, it was not bad at all.

Our night was relaxed again. After our game of skipee, Mistress Jenny and I took Flo to Psi’s realm. It was full and entertaining there and we spent the rest of the night there. Faye came by and she decorated us well too.

May 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Flo and Faye at Psi’s realm

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