Art In Second Life 2021 (44) Cancel Culture by Ambre Singh

Ambre Singh’s art has become an inherent part of this blog. This year I visited her new main gallery at Noir’wen City (read Art in Second Life 2021 (15) Ambre Singh Gallery at Noir’Wen City) and I saw her exhibtion “Titilliations” (read here).

I got an invitation from Ambre to visit her new exhibition “Cancel Culture” at Noir’Wen City that opened May 1st.

Ambre Singh’s exhibition “Cancel Culture” at Noir’Wen City – poster / entrance area / Ambre Singh herself in the entrance area

Together with the invitation Ambre sent out a notecard with a description and her toughts:
The human being is full of contradictions. Homo Sapiens (in Latin, sapiens means “one who knows”) spends a good part of his existence trying not to know. This tendency to deny, probably the source of all psychoses, is the main activity of the ego. It is so much easier to deny or erase or eliminate what bothers us, even if it never works.
Today, our worldviews are being challenged more than ever. And instead of using crises to evolve, we tend to mask the problems with a veneer of outdated ideas. We rewrite textbooks, we rename streets, we sterilize languages, we censor everything that goes beyond. For the common good, of course.
I believe that to accept reality without wanting to deny it, a good dose of humor is needed.
In 14 paintings, this exhibition is an opportunity to laugh at our contradictions and, perhaps, to gain some sapience.

What you will see at the exhibition are 14 world famous landmarks and pieces of art – seen with the eyes of Ambre, and knowing her it didn’t surprise me that her view is kinky and feminist. The first picture I looked at was Ambre Singh’s Statue of Felicity also known as Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Felicity at Ambre Singh’s exhibition “Cancel Culture” at Noir’Wen City

Along with the picture comes a text explaining her view on history and why the original landmark was replaced with the one you can see nowadays in the physical world.
With the texts Ambre Singh’s pictures tell a new story along with some true facts. Besides the Statue of Liberty you find Ambre’s view and interpretation of The Great Sphinx, Christ the Redeemer, Manneken Pis, Lincoln Memorial, Venus de Milo, The Thinker, Michelangelo’s David, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, Angel of the North in Gateshead, Terracotta Army, standing moai of Ahu Tongariki, The Motherland Calls, Apollo and Daphne (Bernini) – all along with the texts containng Ambre’s views.

The “real” and “original” art: The Thinker, Christ the Redeemer, Venus de Milo at “Cancel Culture” at Noir’Wen City

Ambre Singh’s “Cancel Culture” at Noir’Wen City is pure fun. But after the visit you won’t be able to visit any of theses world famous landmarks without having her view in mind! Enjoy your visit.

Landmark to Ambre Singh’s exhibition “Cancel Culture” at Noir’Wen City
Landmark to Ambre Singh Gallery at Noir’Wen City
Ambre Singh’s website
Ambre Singh’s flickr

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