Events in Second Life 2021 (1) Icons of Fashion – Upcoming May 30th

I got a request from my friend Nathalie Monday to write a bit about an upcoming event, the “Icons of Fashion” show. Nathalie promotes the show that is produced by Fortunate Szondi.

When: Sunday, May 30th, at 9 AM SLT (5 PM GMT)
Direct Landmark:

The event is a classic fashion show were the designers walk on a catwalk and present their fashin and themselve. It’s about the clothed not the clothes. Which means it’s about the models themselves and the fashion they love.

Nathalie provided a quite long list of the participants. To my shame I had to admit to Nathalie, that I didn’t know any of these designers. But that is only due to my lack of knowledge. For example there’s one of the oldest jewelers in Second Life, there are renowned models, there are designers who already celebrted 15th anniversary as SL designer. And visiting the fashion show you will for sure learn more about fashion and who’s behind the designs. There shall be 3 walks: one formal, one casual and one dealers choice. It sounds to be exciting!

So get read for the “Icons of Fashion” show on Sunday, May 30th, at 9 AM SLT at ONE ON ONE AT *VOODOO BAYOU BLUES*

Landmark to the fashion show “Icons of Fashion” at ONE ON ONE AT *VOODOO BAYOU BLUES*

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