Art in Second Life 2021 (58) Flowers by Fly Kugin

When I visited La Maison d’Aneli end of May (read here) I came across Fly Kugin (flyqueeen) the first time. I had contact with Fly afterwards and she invited me to see her new exhibition “Flowers” at the Focus gallery.

“Flowers” by Fy Kugin is an collection of 10 pencil drawings. The drawings are showcased on the court in front of the Focus gallery.

In the center is one easel with a poster of Fly Kugin. You can get information about her by clicking it.
Fly Kugin (flyqueeen), as a live violin performer, is streaming into Second Life from Istanbul, since September 2019. She’s performing improvisation, Jazz & Rock genres, musicals & soundtracks from different time periods from various artists. But Fly also likes to spend her time taking pictures of landscapes and playing with them on photoshop. She is still learning different techniques. Fly started sketch drawing in March 2021. She acquired this passion in RL and it allows her to escape from the stress of everday life and main profession, music.

Impressions of “Flowers” by Fy Kugin at Focus gallery (1)

While I saw Fly’s landscape pictures at La Maison d’Aneli, “Flowers” features the other passion of Fly – drawing. The drawings are impressive by their simplicity. Whoever tried drawing like this knows that it looks being easy yet it isn’t. I can picture Fly’s drawings as an eye catcher in a living room in Second Life, as they can be displayed way larger then they are in reality. They would fit in particular into Asian style buildings.

Impressions of “Flowers” by Fy Kugin at Focus gallery (2)

Fly has an own website with more information and a flickr account. Thank you for inviting me over, Fly. I learned more about your art and enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Focus gallery
Fly Kugin (flyqueeen)’s website
Fly Kugin (flyqueeen)’s flickr

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